Love to run? We have good news — Run Club is returning to HCI Sports & Fitness. Make new friends and get 3.5 miles in once a month starting this September.

Who, When, and Where?


HCI Run Club is open to the public, so bring friends, family, babies in strollers, and even your dogs on leashes for a refreshing early morning run with the community!


Run Club reboots on September 17th at 7AM, the same day as the HCI Open House which starts at 10AM. To ring in the new era of Run Club, Bougie Donuts, Weathered Hands Coffee, and Skratch Lab will provide sweet treats and delicious drinks to keep everyone fueled and hydrated. Everyone in attendance will also receive a Run Club t-shirt to rock on their runs. From then on, Run Club will meet at 7AM on the 3rd Saturday of every month.


The club will gather right outside the HCI Sports & Fitness front entrance to warm up and start the 3.5 mile run.


Bougie Donuts is an Austin original gourmet bakery that seeks to elevate the donut experience, as their name suggests. If you’re tired of boring, everyday glazed donuts, try their unique flavors like Lemon Lavender, Maple Bacon Cake Donut, and even Fritter-Apple to switch up your average breakfast. If you’d rather stick with a more traditional donut, try the chocolate iced or the strawberry Homer iced sprinkle donut. Many of the flavors also have gluten-free and vegan options so everyone can see what makes Bougie Donuts top-shelf quality.


Weathered Hands is passionate about coffee from the moment it sprouts on the plant to the very last sip. What first began as a hobby quickly grew into a small-batch coffee roasting business located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Weathered Hands sources their coffee from many countries around the world, such as Brazil, Ethiopia, and Colombia, and makes sure to shine the spotlight on the passionate people who are typically overlooked in the industry: coffee farmers. The nuanced, deep flavors behind each cup of coffee holds the story of the people who brought it to life, and Weathered Hands wants to make sure that story is told. When you drink a cup of coffee from Weathered Hands’ many special selections you don’t just get a delicious beverage— you support a business that is improving industry standards.


Started by sports scientist and professional cycling coach Dr. Allen Lim when he made his own training food and sports drinks for his team, Skratch Labs literally started from scratch. Unlike a lot of prepackaged sports drinks that are full of artificial ingredients and extra sugars, Skratch Labs’ “secret-drink-mix” recipe has less sugar, more sodium, and uses real fruit for flavor to provide peak hydration without any extra baggage. Skratch Labs will be at the first day of Run Club with a cooler of their hydration mix so everyone can get a taste of their clean, simple sports drink formula.

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