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Sports at Hill Country Indoor are offered for both youth and adults. With four courts, a full-sized turf field, and six batting and pitching tunnels, HCI provides a variety of sports, for both recreation and competition – all indoor. Sports currently available include basketball, box lacrosse, football, pickleball, soccer, sofcrosse, and volleyball.

Camps and clinics keep youth developing at a rapid performance rate while leagues are available for both youth and adults! Whether new to the sport or a professional athlete, HCI has the program needed to keep the competitive juices flowing!

Looking for performance training to enhance your skills off the court/field? Check out AIM for all sports performing needs! Private training is also available for the majority of HCI sports.

Equipment for most sports are available at Guest Services and open play is available for those wanting to just play around. Members can check the schedule for open play through the HCI Member App and the public can call (512) 263-4144 to find out open play times.


Mini Skills to start kiddos young and adult leagues to keep athletes feeling young! HCI’s Soccer Training Programs include options for ages 3 and up, including skills clinics, camps, private training and leagues for both adults and youth. The indoor turf keeps the weather at bay while the competitive atmosphere and knowledgeable coaches keep players coming back for more!



Four basketball courts are the home to HCI’s competitive and recreational basketball training programs. Adult competitive and recreational leagues, youth leagues, clinics, private training, skills camps and an in-house select team, HCI Storm, have made Hill Country Indoor the flagship program for the greater Austin area. By developing skills in practice, clinics and camps, players are able to showcase ability during game time.



Pickleball is a combination of tennis and ping pong. Played with a whiffle ball and a paddle, pickleball open play, tournaments and leagues are hosted on the badminton-sized courts at Hill Country Indoor, all divided by a 34-inch net. Whether playing with the competition or socializing in mind, HCI is the place.



Bump, Set, Spike! HCI’s Volleyball Training Programs include options for both youth and adults. Super skills clinics, adult recreational leagues, volleyball improvement programs, youth leagues, and the elite Texas Eclipse team ensure success on the court when it’s time to play. Athletes are set up for success by playing with the best!



The indoor turf field at Hill Country Indoor is the prime location for football training programs. Adult flag football and a variety of youth skill clinics and camps provide options for all ages to embrace the gridiron. The best part? It’s all indoors!


Box Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse is a fast-paced, indoor version of field lacrosse that is gaining popularity across the country. The programs at HCI start with sofcrosse for ages 5-10. Hill Country Indoor has an indoor turf field (185’ by 85’) with field markings that accommodate various formats of practice, play, and athletic training.


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