What Our Employees Are Saying

It's the people I get to interact with, especially my co-workers. They have become a second family to me and I value everyone I work with. Without them, HCI would not be HCI. I go into every shift as a Family Entertainment Attendant excited to socialize with the kids I work with, especially the regulars that I get to see every time I work.

I love how easy it is to get along with everyone. All of my co-workers are super friendly to talk to, which makes it fun to work here.

Playing sports all my life and having the privilege of working with corporate teams and companies in the past, I can say that our crew here at HCI is the best environment I've ever been a part of. From our group meetings to mentoring sessions and even being able to compete against each other in sports, I'm enjoying it more than I could have ever imagined.

My favorite thing about working at HCI would definitely have to be the relationships made within the staff here. Co-workers that can turn a long work day into a fun and entertaining day make all the hours worth it.

I have lived and worked in multiple states and cities and have met and worked with a lot of different people. I can sincerely say that some of the greatest are under this roof. We all know the saying “the people make the place” but, I personally have never felt that to be more true than where I am now.

HCI has become my “family” so getting to know my fellow employees is very enjoyable. My favorite thing is seeing the reactions people have when they walk in the front door and see the facility for the first time. I get the greatest sense of pride knowing I am part of what makes this such an awesome place.

I love how it's kind of like one big family and we all help each other out.

What People Are Saying

HCI has helped me personally by offering a wide arrange of group fitness classes at convenient times. I love getting on the app and signing up for the classes. It has also allowed a place for my kids to attend camps when school is out, or be able to play sports as often as they like.

Martie G

“I had several fitness center memberships as no “one” facility offered all I was seeking. That all changed with HCI."

Fran C

“Exceptional facility, well kept, equipped and clean, and with the most friendly and courteous staff we have ever experienced in any high-end resort clubs or anywhere we have tried.”

Dennis and Diane B

“Everyone is extremely friendly no matt er what time of day – it’s awesome!! Customer service is SUPER important to me so I greatly appreciate that you guys are so welcoming to everyone!”

Melissa M

“It’s prett y, the staff is awesome, and there are tons of sports for kids! We’re gym junkies and used to be athletes so we knew right away we’d join. We Love it here.”

Susan W

“It’s not stuffed with people like some other gyms I’ve been a part of. I can get in, access machines and workout as I choose, and I LOVE the track and all the amazing classes you’ve added to the STUDIO!”

Tiffany E

“I enjoy my ability to get in a workout that isn’t necessarily traditional weight lifting. You may feel like playing basketball or hitting the batting cages or playing pickleball with friends just to do something different, not many places can compare. Basically it’s as good as a gym gets, even the parking is accommodating. As long as I live in Austin, I will stay at Hill Country Indoor.”

Christopher G

"….When my 9 year old had a birthday party rock climbing and in the large jungle gym, the staff gave our group of elementary school boys a GREAT time! They kept them safe and laughing, took care of all of the details of the party and my husband and I just got to enjoy hanging with the other parents, taking pictures and playing with the kids."

Mallory A

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