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Woman spotting a man bench pressing in a weight room

Fitness Center

Our fitness center features upper and lower gym floors, an indoor track, cardio deck and access to four specialized studios with open studio time.

Upper Gym

Located on the second floor of the facility, the upper gym is fully equipped with racks, plate-loaded machines, free weights, cables, TRX suspension training, stretching cages and cardio equipment.

Lower Gym

Located on the first level of our facility, our new Strength Center is fully equipped with all the equipment members need to focus on weight training.

Indoor track

The indoor track wraps around the upper level of the facility overlooking the courts and turf with views of the hill country. Cardio equipment, battle ropes, free weights and functional exercise tools are stationed at various points around the track along with points of incline for an added challenge.

Cardio Deck

Attached to the upper gym floor, the cardio deck includes every piece of equipment needed to get your heart pumping—woodways, ellipticals, traditional treadmills, ergs, stair climbers, arc trainers, stationary bikes and cross trainers.

Open Studio

Members can enjoy open studio time in any of our specialized rooms during select hours when classes are not running.

Woman dancing in front of a rack of weights

The Studio

The Studio hosts over 20 group fitness formats in our four state-of-the-art studio spaces. Classes run throughout the day offering unlimited access to members. Plan ahead by signing up on the member app up to five days in advance.

Studio 1

Yoga | Barre | Pilates | Flow | Restore

Studio 2

Spin | Rhythmic Spin | Cycle | Spin Strong

Studio 3

Lift | Cardio Dance | Strength | Tabata

Studio U

Kickboxing | Boxing | TRX Classes

Personal Training

Our top trainers are here to design tailored workouts that help you reach your fitness and health goals at a pace that's right for you.

Athletes in Motion

Located in the basement, the Athletes in Motion department is designed with professional, recreational and youth players in mind. Offering group and one-on-one training, programs utilize a science-based approach to improve technique, performance and overall fitness.

Small Group

Stay motivated with training for groups of four or less.

Youth AIM

Athletic training for youth athletes ages 12+.

Adult AIM

Performance training for current and former players.

Member App

Sign up for Studio classes and AIM training, and view court and turf open play schedules on the member app.