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Fitness and movement are important elements of Hill Country Indoor.

Through a member fitness center, STUDIO classes, an indoor walking and jogging track system, athletics, open court and turf times and two performance training centers, HCI offers several ways for members to get moving during the day!

The second-level fitness center features a free weight area, open gym floor, functional fitness rig, cardio deck and resistance training machines.

The upper-level track system provides an indoor incline with views of both the hill country and the sports below.

With so many options for activity, it’s easy to make fitness a priority under this huge roof!

Open Gym Floor

Go all out in the open gym area on the weight floor. With a plethora of multi-use cable machines, multiple barbells, benches, squat racks and bumper plates, the open gym floor is available for strength training of all types.

Functional Fitness Area

Designed with daily functionality in mind, this area of the HCI indoor fitness center includes monkey bars, TRX suspension training bands, medicine balls, wall ball target, stability balls, resistance bands and more. The space surrounding the rig is open, allowing full range movements through each workout. Stretch in the TRUE Stretch cages for optimal mobility before or after the workout.

Resistance Training Machines

For guided strength training, HCI provides a variety of Matrix resistance training machines on the second level of the fitness center. Designed according to movement, the resistance machines are set up to help achieve a seamless workout every time.

Free Weights

The member-only fitness center free weight area includes a wide range of dumbbells, kettlebells, plate-loaded machines and weighted barbells and EZ curl bars. Never wait on a bench with a variety of preacher curl, straight back, flat and incline benches available in an open area. The free weight area is the perfect complement to any fitness program!

Inclined Track System

The second-level track system is suspended above basketball courts and the turf field, providing a list of spectator options. Each corner is adorned with fitness equipment, including battle ropes, med balls, pull up bar, TRUE Stretch cages and a cable machine, providing a variety of workout possibilities. Spin bikes, ellipticals and stationary bikes are also available on the track for any cross-training needs.

Cardio Deck

Never get bored with cardio again with the options on the cardio deck! Woodways, ellipticals, traditional treadmills, rowers, stair climbers, arc trainers, stationary bikes and cross trainers line the deck. Members can choose between hill country views or watching television during the workout, depending on preference.


With 4 fitness studios that host approximately 30 boutique-style classes, members have unlimited workout options. STUDIO 1 has Yoga, Barre and Pilates options. STUDIO 2’s Spin studio captures energy and movement in a whole new light through the fully customized light and sound system. Increase strength and endurance in STUDIO 3, home of Mayhem, LIFT and Tactical Tabata. The Underground is a unique boxing and suspension training room for HIT, Gravity and JAB!

Luxury Locker Rooms

Convenience meets comfort in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms. Towel service, hair dryers and lockers with locks provide unmatched convenience, while steam showers, private restrooms and uncluttered open areas provide a luxurious quality to members.


The STUDIO is Hill Country Indoor’s group class offering. All STUDIO fitness classes are included in membership, making this one of the most popular member amenities! Four meticulously designed boutique-style studios have been built specifically for the wide variety of classes Provided.

Members are able to reserve spots through the Member app, as well as view upcoming classes. Class types include long & lean, strength training, cardio training, restorative and HIT, ensuring a class for every goal and every level. STUDIO instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced, providing modifications throughout programming for every Class.

Join the STUDIO’s welcoming community for accountability, encouragement and achievement! Walk away each day feeling successful (though maybe a bit sore!) as the STUDIO pushes you to betterment, both mentally and physically, day in and day out.

The STUDIO Classes

AIM – Athletes in Motion

AIM Training is Hill Country Indoor’s program for individual fitness. AIM stands for Athletes In Motion as each person is an athlete in his or her own way. From a wide variety of personal training options, small group classes and full group classes, AIM has something for everyone.

Highly knowledgeable coaches provide science-based programs to enhance total athletic development. Using seven foundational principles, the AIM coaches are able to properly assess, correct and progress an athlete toward improved function and performance based on the individual threshold of success. These seven foundational principles are – Mobility, Strength, Power, Endurance, Change of Direction, Self-Care and Mental Strength. These principles, when tested and nourished, give athletes (of every age and level) the best chances for success.

AIM Training

Small Group AIM Training

Youth AIM Training

Adult AIM Training


HCI Personal Training

Hill Country Indoors personal trainers are here to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey with customized workouts that align with your fitness goals.

From weight training on the membership floor to functional exercises in the performance training centers and cardio on the track and cardio deck, our trainers will make use of the whole facility in order to give you a tailored experience.

Accountability, consistency and commitment are at the core of what our personal trainers do to ensure you stay motivated, engaged and excited to reach your goals.

Studio + AIM Fitness Schedule

Members can reserve a spot through the schedule below up to five days in advance! Non-Members can reserve a spot by contacting us at (512) 269-1552! STUDIO classes take place on the second floor while all AIM classes take place in the AIM’s Performance Training Center.

HCI Member App

A one-stop shop for all Member needs! Schedule STUDIO and AIM adult training classes, view open turf and court times, reserve a spot in the Clubhouse and stay informed with Member updates and discounts!

Members have access to view available credits, record a workout and use the barcode to check-in at the facility! Members can even use the hearing hotspot to listen to TVs while in the fitness center! Login information is provided at the time of signing up to ensure security is maintained.

The HCI Member App is available in both the App Store and Google Play. Download the app today to stay up to date with everything happening Indoors!

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