All Hill Country Indoor memberships are built around an individual base-membership. Family memberships can be created through individual add-ons to the base-membership. Additionally, memberships can be upgraded in multiple ways to incorporate extended services and fitness opportunities. Members will receive numerous perks, benefits and discounts throughout the entire facility.

Base Membership: Individuals can purchase a base membership at a monthly flat rate that allows access to the fitness floor, HCI Group X classes and all member perks and discounts. A long term, contractual commitment is never required!

Family Memberships: Easily create a family membership by purchasing a Base Membership and adding individual family members as “add-ons”

Joining Fee: A one time only fee will be collected upon the completion of a membership. New members will receive some HCI Swag and will have the opportunity to purchase additional items in the facility or on the Online Merchandise Store (coming soon).



An add-on is an additional individual added to a base membership

Adult Add-On

An adult family member can be added to a base membership. The individual must be 19 years of age or older and there can be a maximum of 2 adults per membership.


Any youth individuals intending on being on the fitness floor will need to be on a membership. Children ages 15 and up can use the fitness floor independently and children ages 14 and below must be accompanied by a parent or trainer. Child Watch and Big Kid Play will be available for all children of members at select times.


Upgrades can be purchased to expand on the services and offerings of a base-membership


This upgrade includes a personal locker
in the locker rooms and laundry services

Dancers Shape Upgrades

These upgrades allow access to the Dancers Shape classes and studio

HCI Base-Membership + Unlimited Dancers Shape Mind, Body & Cardio & Spin Upgrade

HCI Base-Membership + Unlimited Dancers Shape Mind, Body & Cardio Upgrade

HCI Base-Membership + Unlimited Dancers Shape Spin Only

Dancers Shape classes will also be available for purchase in packs of 10, 20, and 30

Arnold Palmer Upgrade

This upgrade combines the best with a fitness membership at HCI and a monthly golf membership at LakeCliff Country Club. Included is a full-access membership at LakeCliff Country Club as well as 4 free golf cart usages per month.

HCI Group Force Upgrade

This upgrade allows 1 member on the membership to have unlimited access to specified Adult Group Force classes offered at HCI.           

Additional Membership Options

HCI recognizes local individuals deserving of a discounted membership rate. Seniors, Military, First Responders, and Students will receive a percentage off of a base-membership.


Jessy holds the position of Director of Membership at Hill Country Indoor. She will be in charge of bringing new members to the facility and ensuring that they have the best experience possible in and around the membership areas. After graduating from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Sports Management, she has acquired an extensive array of experience working with health and fitness facilities in central Texas. Jessy’s passion for sports and fitness has its roots in her participation in multiple sports starting at a young age. Her dedication to improving the lives of those around her through training and wellness initiatives makes her an invaluable asset to HCI. Her vision for HCI involves creating a facility that serves as the center of the community and is a place where the whole family can come to be active and entertained.

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