Youth Athletic Training & Performance Programs

Hill Country Indoor is ready to help youth athletes take their game to the next level with AIM (Athletes in Motion) Performance Training. Utilizing our Performance Testing and our DARI Biomechanical Analysis Lab to develop a Total Assessment Profile, we will identify and individualize a custom plan to best meet your goals. Our highly qualified staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will adhere to HCI’s Foundations of Athleticism to develop a youth athlete’s fundamental skills and movements in order to excel in their sport or across multiple sports.


Athletic Development Classes:

Athlete Development training programs will be broken down primarily by athletic training age and secondarily by sport. Each youth athlete will be assessed during their athletic training to identify areas for improvement, performance limitations, and to establish performance baseline.

Stage One
Foundations (Ages 9-11)

In this stage, athletes learn how to train. Our focus is on establishing a solid foundation of movement literacy that will allow for the more advanced athletic training to come. Our focus is not high performance, but promoting improving physical skills, having fun, and creating a strong positive attitude towards fitness and training.

Stage Two
Transition (Ages 12-14)

In this stage, athletes learn to produce and control the higher levels of power and speed that their growing bodies can generate. With a continued focus on mobility, deceleration, change of direction, strength, speed, power, and agility, we’ll help your athlete combat and overcome the issues that can come with periods of rapid growth. Training at this stage is still focused on general athleticism and not sport specificity as athletes in this group still receive the greatest benefits from building a strong foundation.

Stage Three
Emerge (Ages 15-18)

Stage three is when the athlete’s future is determined. Now prepared for higher level training, we’ll take your athlete’s training to the highest level to ensure they outshine the competition. Utilizing the latest technology we’ll maintain a complete athletic profile to ensure they’re continuing to develop the traits that best translate into performance on the field.

Stage Four
Next Level (Ages 15-18)

Stage four is the domain of those youth athletes looking to earn a college scholarship. Our coaches have decades of experience in college and professional strength and conditioning programs and know what it takes to make it at the next level. We’ll provide the athletic training and documentation necessary to get noticed and provide your athlete with a mentor that will serve as a guide to all things athletic development. With monthly planning meetings, training program design, nutritional consulting, and a complete athletic profile, this is an all-in plan to get your athlete to the next level. Are you ready?

Sport-Specific Development Classes: Pre-Season Preparation

Complete Athletic Development Academies

Take your Athletic Development to the next level by combining Skill Instruction AND Performance Training. Youth Athletes will work on sport skill development with HCI instructors in addition to enhancing athletic performance with training. Each session will consist of 1 hour of skill instruction and 1 hour of athletic performance training, two times per week.

Team Training


Hill Country Indoor welcomes teams to utilize the facility for a variety of athletic training. Dedicated Team Training areas exist to provide a private and precise opportunity for athletes to train. Programs are customized to the specific needs and goals of each team and include our Athletic Assessment Profile. Contact Matt Herring to discuss options for Team Training at either our HCI location or off-site.


ATHLETIC Performance testing AND ASSESSMENT:

Hill Country Indoor Performance Coaches will offer a variety of evaluations including standard performance tests as well as the DARI Biomechanical Analysis System for athletes of all abilities and stages.

Athlete Performance Profile: A complete athletic assessment evaluating all areas of athletic performance including: Strength, Speed, Agility, Power, and a DARI Biomechanical Assessment.

Movement Analysis and Injury Prevention: An in-depth analysis utilizing our DARI Biomechanical Analysis looking at HOW the athlete moves in order to identify any asymmetry, imbalances, or movement limitations that might hinder performance and increase risk of injury.

Baseline Assessment for Return to Play: An assessment profile utilizing our DARI Biomechanical Analysis to establish baseline data to track progress or provide valuable information to determine return to play status after an injury or setback.

DARI Biomechanical Analysis and Performance Assessments

The key to a successful program is knowing where to start. Hill Country Indoor is the EXCLUSIVE Central Texas provider of the DARI Biomechanical Analysis system. An 8-camera, marker-less motion capture system allows us to optimize your movement profile to transform your motion and improve performance. Combining a DARI Analysis with our Performance Assessments will provide an athlete with a Total Assessment Profile. This profile will be the guide for performance programming, identifying injury risk, tracking progress, and establishing a baseline for return to play status.


Let HCI help you get the most out of training by maximizing your recovery. Soft tissue massage, NORMATEC leg compression, and individualized mobility are some of the various techniques available. Hill Country Indoor has private rooms dedicated to specialized attention and services for rehabilitation.

Private Training

INDIVIDUAL Athletic Performance Training:

When you are ready to step-up to the ultimate in individualized training, let our experienced staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists design a specialized training program to fit your specific needs. Each program includes a DARI Biomechanical Analysis to develop a Total Assessment Profile and applies the data to provide the best customized program to achieve success.

Individual Performance Training: When your looking for one-on-one attention, let HCI Coaches design a program specifically for you and apply the detail and focus that will take your game to the next level.

Small Group Performance Training: Looking for an individualized program but not ready for one-on-one, or just prefer to train with other athletes? HCI offers small group training which provides each athlete their own individualized, custom program while sharing a performance coach. Group sizes vary from 2-4 athletes per coach.


We Truly Want to Serve

At Hill Country Indoor, we strive to provide the best comprehensive training programs designed to enhance the Total Athlete. Through this commitment, we pledge the following:

To the Athlete

• An encouraging and positive training experience with a strong emphasis on individual success and growth

• Progressive and innovative methods based on sound fundamental training principles

To the Parents

• An understanding of the development process and an appreciation for Effort, Energy, and Enthusiasm

• Demanding but NEVER Demeaning coaching from highly experienced, qualified, and certified professionals.

To the Coach

• A complement to your program to ensure the high standard expected of your athletes

• A resource to help you grow and maintain success


At HCI, we consider Sport Performance the pinnacle of Athletic Development. To enhance Sport Performance, we plan to emphasize the establishment a strong base of Foundation Training, followed by Sport-Specific Movement Training. By emphasizing Foundation Training, we believe we are ensuring the best progression in preparing athletes for optimized training.

To help us achieve our objectives, we include the following components:

Athletic Assessment Profile
Each athlete participates in a series of assessments developed with 3 main objectives.


Test results are clustered accordingly and presented in a composite overview to quickly and easily identify areas for potential improvement and focus.

Athlete Results

Results can also be used to track training progress as well as provide important baseline data for comparison following an injury and return to play clearance.

Programs will be guided by 3 key principles. Athletes move, and performance training should enhance and improve movement ability. We believe these principles allow our training to have the greatest carry-over to sports performance.


performance training PYRAMID

Training follows a systematic approach to ensure proper technique and execution for safe and effective sessions.

Position: Enabling athletes with the mobility and stability to move through training ranges of motion

Prime: Ensuring athletes have the comprehension, coordination, and sequencing of training movements

Perform: Empowering athletes to execute movements to maximize performance


At HCI our goal is to provide the best training and care for athletes in our community. We want to be a resource and partner in enabling these athletes the best opportunities to succeed.


Just because you don’t play a sport doesn’t mean you aren’t an athlete. Learn that a lifetime of fitness begins with a foundation of quality movements, and most importantly, FUN. Our instructors will lead programs designed for youth individuals looking to get moving and have a good time doing it!


Hill Country Indoor is excited for the opportunity to host special events related to performance training for youth athletes. Such events may include coaches clinics, combine testing, ultimate athlete competitions, educational demonstrations, and special guest appearances.

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Submit your information to be updated on sports programs as they are announced. Registration for Fall Programs will close on Sept. 1 and future programs will be announce shortly thereafter!
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Submit your information to be updated on sports programs as they are announced. Registration for Fall Programs will close on Sept. 1 and future programs will be announce shortly thereafter!
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Submit your information to be updated on sports programs as they are announced. Registration for Fall Programs will begin at the end July!
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