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A carefully sequenced class that offers a smooth transition from one posture to the next. Class participants will focus on the elements of breath and flow while gaining strength and connecting breath to movement. All levels.

Yin yoga strives to deepen the connection to your body with longer-held poses. This class is designed to help increase energy flow and improve mobility. Props may be used to help support your body in a posture in order to receive the full benefits. This practice will enhance circulation, release fascia and leave your body feeling balanced and your mind focused. All levels.

Restorative yoga introduces props such as blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps to help support the body and release tension. This meditative form of yoga incorporates deep breathing and will help promote relaxation and peace. All levels, beginner friendly.

A wonderful place for beginners and seasoned yogis. Options are offered for all levels to modify or advance. Moderately paced, energizing flow. All levels and beginner friendly.

A moderate to fast paced yoga class that focuses on strength, flexibility, and continuous movement. Power yoga will build heat within the body and challenge your endurance. All levels.

This class is the perfect introduction to yoga as practice or a great way to revisit the basics of yoga. Class will move at an approachable pace and focus on the foundations of yoga, matching breath to movement and mindful meditation. All levels, beginner friendly.

Sculpt offers all of the amazing benefits of yoga along with light weight training to enhance the strength component of your flow. Participants can expect class to move at a moderate pace to keep the heart rate elevated and focus on resistance, stability and core stabilization while matching breath to movement. All levels.

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