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The STUDIO at Hill Country Indoor offers unlimited group classes to members in over 20+ class methods. Classes range from cardio-intensive to strength-focused to restorative for all interests and levels. STUDIO instructors are skilled and experienced offering modifications throughout each class. Come as you are and achieve your fitness goals while working out with a welcoming and encouraging community of class-goers and instructors. Reserve your spot in class and view the full STUDIO schedule in the Member App.

STUDIO 1 Fitness Classes

Studio 1 is the perfect space to channel calm. Restore, relax, stretch and tone with mind + body classes.

Yoga Flow

A moderately-paced, deep practice focused on alignment throughout the body and self-awareness to tune into the core being.

YIN Yoga

A freestyle meditative approach to yoga with a focus on deep stretching and relaxation that will leave each individual feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Beginners Yoga

An introduction to yoga postures, positions and flows to both beginners and yogis alike. All levels are welcome in this purposefully-paced class.

Mat Pilates

A low impact, full body workout method that helps increase strength, flexibility, and increase agility in daily movements.


Recover and reinvigorate the body through myofascial release and utilize long and lean muscles to recover faster and optimize body functionality.

Sculpt Flow

This vinyasa yoga class incorporates light weights into each flow to maximize every full-body muscle movement while improving flexibility and blood flow and toning muscles.

Cardio Dance

Utilize dance moves and strength training for a fun and freeing way to burn calories, build muscle and elevate your mood!


With elements of ballet/dance and functional training, this class is hard on muscles, but kind on joints – all while improving posture, flexibility, balance, stability and muscle definition.


This Barre+Pilates hybrid uses the formula of barre to sculpt legs and glutes, plus the mat for abs, obliques and back, and throw in some light weights to target the upper body.

Core Flow

Combining the strength of Pilates with the power of Yoga to help build muscle tone and flexibility, this class will take your core concentration and deep breathing to the next level.

STUDIO 2 Fitness Classes

Studio 2 is the dedicated Spin room. Vibrant lighting and themed playlists set the stage for upbeat, cardio-intensive classes on the bike.


An upbeat, high-intensity cycling class that’s set in a rhythmic setting. Complete with choreography, weight training, invigorating music, and fun, Spin incorporates dance to elevate the heart rate and burn calories.


A high-intensity interval workout to sweat to as you climb, sprint and pedal to the beat in this exhilarating cardio class.

Speedy Spin

Fit a full workout into half the time. This condensed version of SPIN still has the beats and the burn, so grab a towel and water and join us for an intense but speedy workout!

Beginner Cycle

No matter your experience on the bike, this is a great place to start and learn the fundamentals of spin in order to ease into the intense interval cycling workouts.

Spin Strong

This split format class starts you out sweating with SPIN followed by an intense bodyweight leg and core workout!

STUDIO 3 Fitness Classes

Studio 3 houses HIIT and strength-focused classes utilizing free weights, steps and resistance bands. Hill country views offer a welcome distraction from the work.

Mayhem + MayhemX

This high-intensity class is a boot camp training style that utilizes weights to build muscle, burn fat and increase energy! Try MayhemX for a longer.

Tactical Tabata

A boot camp-style training class on a Tabata timer. This class will focus on full body movements, at a full throttle pace.


A full body zero impact workout that will shape and tone the body by using lightweight, body weight and high repetitions.


A guided lifting class that will incorporate a whole body workout with weights and movements to leave you feeling strong and lean.


Build strength and stamina in an energizing and challenging class, complete with choreography in a high energy cardio workout that will challenge your mind and body while burning calories and toning hips, glutes and thighs!

Triple Threat

This high intensity weight training class is programmed to chisel the three major sections of the body: upper, core and lower.


This hybrid class that incorporates KICX cardio kickboxing, Barre and Pilates will get your heart rate up while toning all of the major muscle groups.

Power Hour

This hour long class will challenge your endurance, strength and POWER through functional fitness programming while utilizing various locations around HCI.


STUDIO U/The Underground is the place to get your kicks in with heavy bag boxing and suspension training on the lowest level of the facility.


A total body circuit class that utilizes suspension training with dynamic movements to improve power, flexibility, mobility, endurance, strength, and core.

Fusion + FusionX

Fusion blends the worlds of cardiovascular, strength training and core into a single, high-intensity workout utilizing suspension training and boot camp style training. Try FusionX for a hard-hitting longer version of this workout.


This kickboxing class focuses on whole body strength and conditioning. Work with heavy bags and body weight circuits, including drills, combos, kicks and proper techniques, for a hard-hitting, heart pumping workout.


Short on time but still want a hardhitting workout? This shortened version of HIT incorporates punching, kicking and jabbing through several rounds of highintensity training and body weight circuits.


Feel like you could use a little guidance in your group fitness class? Or maybe you would like a smaller group for more 1:1 attention from a STUDIO instructor? The STUDIO at HCI now offers 1:1 and small group sessions in a variety of your favorite formats with your favorite instructors! Sessions run 55-60 minutes in length.



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