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The focus of Lower Body Burn is to strengthen the lower body and target the core. Participants will be coached on how to progress each series to get more out of each movement and increase stamina with periodic cardio bursts. All levels.

This class combines strength training, functional movement, and weights. Participants can expect to build muscle mass over time and enhance endurance while getting a total body workout. All levels.

A total body workout that isolates the larger muscle groups and works them to fatigue using light to moderate weights and high repetition. Class may incorporate some low impact cardio to warm up the body and elevate the heart rate for that maximum burn. All levels.

Circuit is a strength-based class that will get your heart rate up and keeps you working the entire time. Class is set up as a series of stations designed to target all areas of the body and continuously challenge your stamina. Participants can expect to rotate stations while using a multitude of props and gear including battle ropes, TRX, kettlebells, box jumps, free weights and more! All levels.

The first half of class is dedicated to a group boxing series followed by a circuit style workout to ensure you hit maximum output. Circuit stations will include battle ropes, kettlebells, free wights, med balls and cardio. This class is sure to give you a full body workout. Participants are required to bring their own boxing gloves. All levels.

This class will take you through several rounds of high intensity boxing intervals to keep your body working hard. Participants can expect to focus on form and incorporate body weight training as you punch, kick, and jab your way through class! Participants are required to bring their own boxing gloves. All levels.


This is a full resistance class that utilizes the suspension straps. Participants can expect to build strength and learn how to stabilize from the deep, intrinsic muscles of the body, improving mobility, flexibility, and core strength. All levels.


Fusion blends cardiovascular, strength, and core training into a single, high-intensity workout. Participants can expect to integrate medicine balls, kettle bells, slam balls, battle ropes and suspension training in this full body workout. All levels.

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