Box Lacrosse is a fast-paced, indoor version of field lacrosse that is gaining popularity across the country. The programs at HCI include camps, clinics, team, and individual training and recreational leagues for both youth and adults.

Players will find that Box Lacrosse and Field Lacrosse is very different from one another. The essential skills of both games such as passing, catching, and shooting are very similar, but game rules, contact, and strategy are vastly different.

Hill Country Indoor has an indoor turf field (185’ by 85’) with field markings that can accommodate various formats of practice, play, and athletic training. HCI provides a growing box lacrosse program, as well as an introductory sofcrosse program. Sofcrosse at Hill Country Indoor is offered in Stage I and Stage II divisions for ages 5-10. This allows players new to the sport to learn the fundamentals and develop important skills prior to advancing to the next level of youth lacrosse.

Whether picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time or wanting to further improve your advanced skills, HCI has the box lacrosse program and field, and it’s all indoors!