Box Lacrosse is a fast-paced, indoor version of field lacrosse that is gaining popularity across the country. The programs at HCI include camps, clinics, team, and individual training and recreational leagues for both youth and adults.

Players will find that Box Lacrosse and Field Lacrosse is very different from one another. The essential skills of both games such as passing, catching, and shooting are very similar, but game rules, contact, and strategy are vastly different.

Hill Country Indoor has an indoor turf field (185’ by 85’) with field markings that can accommodate various formats of practice, play, and athletic training. HCI provides a growing box lacrosse program, as well as an introductory sofcrosse program. Sofcrosse at Hill Country Indoor is offered in Stage I and Stage II divisions for ages 5-10. This allows players new to the sport to learn the fundamentals and develop important skills prior to advancing to the next level of youth lacrosse.

Whether picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time or wanting to further improve your advanced skills, HCI has the box lacrosse program and field, and it’s all indoors!

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Sofcrosse Youth Box Lacrosse Camps and Clinics

Sofcrosse is a beginner-level skill development lacrosse program for both boys and girls in K-4th grade. This in-house program is focused on teaching the core fundamentals of the game to first-timers and/or those with limited experience over the course of eight weeks. Coaches will focus on a mix of drills, games and conditioning activities that will prepare players to advance to the next level of youth lacrosse. During the sofcrosse camps and clinics, sessions are offered on Monday and Tuesday of each week. Participants have the option of joining one or both, depending on schedule and availability. All equipment is provided!


Youth Box Lacrosse Camps and Clinics

Youth Box Lacrosse  is an intermediate lacrosse development program, designed for boys in grades 3rd-6th. The main objectives are centered on player growth, emphasizing the development of the whole player through skill training, drills and 3-on-3 game play. 

What People Are Saying

HCI has helped me personally by offering a wide arrange of group fitness classes at convenient times. I love getting on the app and signing up for the classes. It has also allowed a place for my kids to attend camps when school is out, or be able to play sports as often as they like.

Martie G

“I had several fitness center memberships as no “one” facility offered all I was seeking. That all changed with HCI."

Fran C

“Exceptional facility, well kept, equipped and clean, and with the most friendly and courteous staff we have ever experienced in any high-end resort clubs or anywhere we have tried.”

Dennis and Diane B

“Everyone is extremely friendly no matt er what time of day – it’s awesome!! Customer service is SUPER important to me so I greatly appreciate that you guys are so welcoming to everyone!”

Melissa M

“It’s prett y, the staff is awesome, and there are tons of sports for kids! We’re gym junkies and used to be athletes so we knew right away we’d join. We Love it here.”

Susan W

“It’s not stuffed with people like some other gyms I’ve been a part of. I can get in, access machines and workout as I choose, and I LOVE the track and all the amazing classes you’ve added to the STUDIO!”

Tiffany E

“I enjoy my ability to get in a workout that isn’t necessarily traditional weight lifting. You may feel like playing basketball or hitting the batting cages or playing pickleball with friends just to do something different, not many places can compare. Basically it’s as good as a gym gets, even the parking is accommodating. As long as I live in Austin, I will stay at Hill Country Indoor.”

Christopher G

"….When my 9 year old had a birthday party rock climbing and in the large jungle gym, the staff gave our group of elementary school boys a GREAT time! They kept them safe and laughing, took care of all of the details of the party and my husband and I just got to enjoy hanging with the other parents, taking pictures and playing with the kids."

Mallory A

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Take a look around HCI’s 140,000 square foot privately-owned facility to view the membership fitness floor, indoor track, athletic courts and field space!