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A high-intensity cycling class choreographed to lead participants through a dynamic and challenging ride. In this class, you can expect to sprint, climb and dance your way through an energetic and high-powered playlist. Bring your sweat towel! All levels.

A cycling class that begins with a heart-pumping ride and ends with lower and upper body strength work off the bike. Participants can expect to incorporate light to moderate weights in the strength portion of the class and maintain an elevated heart rate throughout a full body workout. All levels.

A great place to start for new cyclists, Spin is a traditional cycling class focused on improving stamina and endurance while offering a dynamic cardiovascular workout. Participants can expect to sprint, climb, and coast through class with a focus on form and technique. All levels.

Your favorite high-energy spin class, in only 30 minutes. Expect to work just as hard and sweat just as much in a shorter amount of time while you dance, climb and sprint to the finish!