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Esport tournaments at Hill Country Indoor takes place at the entertainment center in the Café! Esports tournaments are typically multiplayer video game competitions, ideal for social banter!

Join us at Hill Country Indoor for our very first Esports Tournament! Rocket League is much like soccer but with rocket-powered cars! In this two-person team tournament, you will play teams to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. This tournament is for anyone 10 years old and up. Kids and adults can play on the same team, so bring a friend and take down the opposition! Teams must have two players. Participants can sign up as a team or a free agent.


Ages 10+
Adults are welcome, teams will be mixed!


2v2 – Double Elimination


Individual Player $15;
Two Person Team $30


May 5th


2 PM – 7 PM


Sign up as a team of two or register as a free agent!
Registration is restricted to 64 players (32 teams)

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