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Mind & Body classes through myHCI include workouts that will progress your physical, mental and spiritual being. Through classes such as Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates, RX and Meditation, you will be able to relax, rejuvenate and recover, all while getting a beneficial workout.

Heighten your overall well being and your practice through the Mind & Body classes available for streaming. Barre and Mat Pilates will increase your strength, while Yoga, RX and Meditation all use breath to deepen your practice.





We’ll see you at the Barre! At this grace-inducing class, we will use high repetitions and tiny pulses to push your muscles to the limits. You’ll feel muscles you never knew existed through this full body class. If you don’t have a barre, don’t worry about it! Grab a dining room chair, a kitchen counter or the back of the couch and get to work!


RX is highly beneficial for those hard working muscles. After a tough week of workouts, this on-demand class helps to expedite the recovery process for muscles through a variety of methods, including self myofascial release techniques, stretching and other foam rolling movements. You dedicate time each day to fitness, now get the biggest benefit of your commitment by incorporating muscle recuperation through RX. It’s just what the doctor ordered!


Through this auditory class offering, we will lead you through a deep practice that will connect you to your breath to your center. Clear your mind, open your heart, and prepare yourself to feel emotions you never knew existed.


Yoga through myHCI offers a variety of yoga styles, including Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga and Sculpt Flow. Whether you are interested in flowing through asanas the entire practice, holding deep stretches by connecting your breath or adding some weights to your practice, we have the class and the style for you. Deepen your practice through any of these class options depending on your specific goal. Through Yoga, we uncover gratitude, we connect with our center and we find our breath. Through Yoga, we leave it all on the mat.


Take it to the mat with our Mat Pilates workout options. Each class is programmed to create long and lean muscles through high repetitions, isolation holds, small weights and body weight. This class will put your core to the test, improve overall flexibility and increase strength from head to toe. Each class will leave you feeling the burn but you will be so glad you met us on the mat.



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