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Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase endurance or just get moving, the myHCI Cardio classes are the answer! Cardio is a great way to boost endorphins, burn fat and really have fun with your fitness. With our wide array of offerings, you will always have a new and entertaining way to get your steps in!

Through the variety of options, you will always have a new and mood-boosting class available to you, including Dance, Cardio Boxing, rhythmic Spin and traditional Cycle. These heart pumping classes are designed for fitness enthusiasts of every age and every level and are meant to keep you moving.





Who says you have to be on a treadmill to get your cardio in? Not us! The Dance streaming options will have you shaking your hips and tapping your feet as we move and groove to the beat. Whether hip hop or pop is your style, we have the ear-enticing tunes and fat burning moves to get you going. Accomplish your fitness goals in a fun, motivating and encouraging environment, all in the comfort of your home!


Need to spike your heart rate while working out some aggression? Or just want an exciting and fun way to torch those calories? Whatever your reason, Cardio Boxing is the answer. Through Cardio Boxing, we will jab, punch and kick our way through a full body workout that will bring your heart rate to new highs. Make sure you have a towel on hand – it’s going to get hot in here!


Who doesn’t love a party on a bike? Spin puts music to use to get your heart rate up and your dance moves going. Each workout will leave you on an endorphin high after we sprint, climb and sway to the beat, all in a low impact workout. Grab a set of light dumbbells during your workout so we can give our entire body the attention it needs. This upbeat class involves choreography, weight training and heart rate and is guaranteed to leave you sweat, elated and exhausted towards the end.


Cycle is myHCI’s traditional cycling cardio class that focuses on endurance, speed, intervals and leg strength throughout the entire ride. During each class, we will climb hills, coast down elevation and enjoy the simulated fan in our hair, all while torching calories and putting the burn in our legs through a low impact practice. Wherever you are on your cycling journey – let’s ride!



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