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Pilates focuses on alignment, stability, control and strength. Props may include hand weights, resistance bands, magic circle, and more. Participants can expect to work both global and intrinsic musculature and benefit from core strengthening and improved posture.

Barre combines the principals of resistance training and isometrics with the focus and sequencing of dance. The ballet barre is used as a prop to support lower body movement and stability. This class offers low impact strength training using lighter weights with high repetition. All levels, beginner friendly.

This fusion class will combine the isometric and lightweight high resistance work of barre along with the lengthening and strengthening components of traditional mat Pilates. Participants can expect to isolate muscle groups and work them to fatigue during the barre component and then finish class with core focused mat work. All levels, beginner friendly.

Participants can expect a relaxing environment and an opportunity to recover and give back to their bodies. Using props like the foam roller, straps, blocks, and more, this class will lead you through a series of stretches and positions designed to relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility, and release fascia for improved mobility. All levels, beginner friendly.