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Have a workout scheduled for the next morning?

Let’s see, there’s your company Christmas party, your team Christmas lunch, cocktails with the girls (or the guys).  All those great gifts (bottles of wine) that you can’t turn down.  Then there’s New Year’s!!!!   That’s a lot of drinking, and possibly a lot of hangovers.

Alcohol does affect your workout, and it does impact your body.  Below are some potential effects of having those holiday drinks.

At the risk of sounding like the Grinch, here goes. 

You’re HOT – But Not in a Good Way


Alcohol can cause DEHYDRATION and OVERHEATING in your body.  Staying hydrated is so important to keeping your body’s temperature regulated.  If you’re dehydrated, your heart rate can speed up which can make your temperature increase, and that can cause you to sweat excessively.  Put that together with a workout or sweat session, and you dehydrate the body even more.  You get where we’re going here?

TIP –  HYDRATE!  Drink lots and lots of water before, during and after your holiday celebrations.  



Alcohol in your system stresses your stomach and intestines, and can cause the flow of food  through the body to get bogged down.  That means it interfere’s with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients we need.  This causes the METABOLISM TO SLOW.

TIP – We’ve all heard this before . . . Eat something before you drink to slow down the absorption of alcohol.  Eat something prior to your workout the next morning.  Try protein-rich foods that will replace those electrolytes lost while you were having all that fun.



Some cocktails or wine are high in sugar which converts to glucose during the process of digestion.  Sugar can cause inflammation in your system.  No good can come of that.

TIP – Working out can produce endorphins that help you to feel better physically and mentally.  Hopefully, you’ll then be able to control the urge to give into your cravings, and just say “NO” to those Netflix and cold pizza binges.



We all know the dangers of lactic acid build-up.  It can make exercise very uncomfortable.  MUSCLE FATIGUE is another bonus (that’s sarcasm).

TIP – Hydrate and take breaks.  Give your body time to recover.  Don’t push too hard.  Just the fact that you’re in the gym giving it your best effort after a night of “fun”, is proof of your amazing commitment.  Congratulations!



Yes, having a few holiday drinks will affect your workout.  Dehydration and muscle fatique are the most common results of drinking.  The best thing you can do is to wait it out and give your body some time to recover. Enjoy the holidays and get those workouts in . . . but in a safe and healthy way.


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