Don't Miss out

Keep up the hard work!

Last week's reopening was exciting! We're so proud of all of our HCI members for staying strong during this time. We are still offering a few virtual classes each day to keep you active at home as we continue to lift restrictions at the facility.

We also want to say...

Thank you for your support!

We are grateful for each and every member who has stood by us in spirit or through attending virtual classes!

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we wouldn't be squat without you.

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The Schedule


Happy Memorial Day! No classes today!


7:30AM FB Video — Lift with Danielle C.

11AM LIVESTREAM — Beginner Yoga with Joanne

5 PM FB Video — Burn with Alison


7:30AM FB Video — SpinX with Alex

11AM LIVESTREAM — Triple Threat with Jenny

5PM FB Video — POWER HOUR with Jarren


7:30AM FB Video — Mayhem with Cat

11AM LIVESTREAM — Pilates with Laura

5PM FB Video — Cardio Dance with Leslie


7:30AM FB Video — Tactical Tabata with Ryan

11AM LIVESTREAM — Pilates with Jenny

5PM FB Video —Speedy Spin with Christi


9AM FB Video — Pilates with ShanShan

11AM FB Video — HIIT Lift with Tami

3PM FB Video — Burn with Coral


9AM FB Video — Cardio Remix with Leslie

11AM FB Video — Pilates with Laura

1PM FB Video — Beginner Yoga with Meagan

Not sure what to expect? Click here for class descriptions!