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Stay on top of your fitness goals with these five free tracking and goal-oriented apps!

We are smack dab in the middle of the Age of Apps. Apps can make us smarter, more organized and resourceful by bringing information and convenience straight to our fingertips.

Taking out the guesswork!

But they can also be money pits when we forget to cancel subscriptions after free trials end and especially when we’re not putting the free trial to good use or feel lukewarm about the app from the get-go. After spending $150+ per month on random apps, we vow to never make that mistake againuntil the next wave of trends and, so, the cycle continues. 


According to a 2020 report, there are an average of 2500 apps released in the app store every day and 100 every hour adding more noise to the overly crowded and loud library. It gets harder to keep track of which apps are worthwhile when they seem to be offering similar things. Some of us even give up and choose the road less intelligent, because the best way to know is to get inside the apps and compare features or do a soft google search, but who has time for that? We’re here to help, at least where fitness and health are concerned. We’ve done the homework to share our top five favorite fitness apps so you can get back to embracing the smarter, hip, in-the-know you. And don’t worry HCI’s app isn’t on the list, because we assume, as a member, you already use it to book classes, take advantage of discounts and record workouts (shameless plug).  

Free Fitness Apps That Work

1. Map My Run

Created by Under Armor, this utilitarian app knows athletes well keeping features straight-forward and easy to use. The basic features like Routes helps you find nearby trails and places to run based on your intended mileage. It also does the essential things like tracking your time and distance during your run with audio notifications.


If you choose to subscribe as an MVP, you’ll also have access to personalized plans, audio coaching, heart rate monitoring and connect wearable devices.

2. Goals-Fitness

Goals does a great job of helping you stay accountable by giving you a place to track your fitness goals and activities. Optimizable with Apple Watch and Siri, on top of living up to its name, this app tracks all fitness activities and does a great job of tracking distance-based fitness activities.


Select and keep an account of daily goals like distance, burned calories, duration, elevation and steps! When you’re heading for a jog or mountain biking, Goals lets you choose from a range of distance activities and logs every single workout for you so you can review your improvements over time or find motivation if going through a lull.

3. Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is another app created by Under Armour. The main difference between this app and the apps above is that it is more compatible with weight-based workouts at the gym.


Log strength workouts in great details including load, sets, and reps per exercises. You can also build your own workout routines from a library of 800 exercises. Like other Under Armour apps you can also connect with over 400 wearable devices to import and analyze your data. And again, if you want to unlock more features subscribe to MVP Premium plans.

4. Jefit

Once again, Jefit touts the ability to track your fitness routines and goals. However, this app has a free database of weight lifting and muscle building exercises so you can build your own daily routines alongside detailed instructions and animations. You can also download community routines so you don’t have to develop them from scratch. Goal options are body based like “getting six pack abs,” “building a lean body,” and “increasing strength.”

5. SworkIt

Finally, SworkIt requires a subscription for most features, BUT the awesome and defining feature in this app is the free kid workouts. In this section, you’ll have access to kid-friendly workout routines for strength, agility, flexibility, warming up, cooling down and moving.

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