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Looking Ahead

Do you plan to hit the gym more in the new year?  Do you want to be current with new fitness topics?  Below are some of the things to come directly from fitness personal trainers and fitness pros.


What's Trending for 2020


How we exercise will continue to change, and 2020 will be all about group workouts.  It’s so much easier to stick with a workout plan when you have others with the same goals by your side.  Need some social time?  Need to get more active and work out?  Boom!  Combine the two and you automatically have a great way to connect.


Yes, it’s officially a thing now.  The popularity of this machine is growing due to it being low-impact and joint friendly yet still challenging and effective.  It’s an upper body pulling-dominant exercise, but you get pushing with your legs leading to better posture…even if you sit all day.  Interested to start HILIT?  Rowing is a great way to go because it allows you to maximize endurance but it minimizes stress on your joints.


High Intensity, Low Impact Training.  While HIIT is still popular, HILIT (low impact) is predicted to really take off in 2020.  The benefits are well studied and include a boost in metabolism.  This trend is of particular interest to runners, CrossFitters and others who may have joint issues after years of high impact workouts or to those who want to prevent any issues.





A GOOD fat source, avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals, and even brings an antioxidant.  Think of it as your new coconut oil!   You can use it to cook everything because it has such a mild flavor.  BONUS – avocado oil has less saturated fats and lots more monounsaturated fats.  It pairs well with collagen unlike some other fat sources.





Women are turning their attention away from hours on cardio equipment to strength-training.  Strength training benefits all ages helping with weight control, building muscle, and toning your body helping you to feel better both physically and mentally.


Meatless is gaining even more popularity in 2020.  So for the guys who crave bacon and sausage, get ready.  More companies are working to “meet” the demand for a healthy alternative to meat that actually tastes like meat.


Just unplug it, turn it off, close the laptop.  Start with the time right before you go to bed.  Give yourself some time to “be quiet” and clear your mind.  Try meditation or start a journal to help settle your thoughts.  The benefit of improved sleep is beneficial in all areas of your life.



We are all interested in learning about the newest trends in the world of fitness.  Whether it’s exercise related, food or lifestyle, we want to know.  It’s important to keep up with the latest information available in order to make the best choices for your goals of health and fitness.  The trends mentioned in this article are just a few being discussed for the new year.  We will be writing about even more new ideas and innovations, so stay tuned!




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