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There’s strength in numbers!

Exercise is a great way to become fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  Most people exercise on their own, at their own pace and on their own time.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s okay – BUT did you know there are many amazing benefits you can enjoy from trying group exercise?

Studies show that people who exercise in groups are found to have a more successful journey in achieving their fitness goals.

Lower risk of injury

Group exercise is like having a personal trainer at your disposal making sure you’re making all the correct moves.  This translates into a better workout for your muscles and helps to minimize injury.  It’s easier for you to master every routine and technique because there will be someone there to assist you.

Get motivated by your workout group

Group workouts promote motivation.  Let’s face it, showing up is sometimes the first and hardest part of a workout.  By committing to a group, you’re less likely to back out of a workout because you don’t feel up to it.  There’s a real tribal force in group fitness.  You rise and fall to the level of those around you.  The community aspect of it makes for a supportive and encouraging environment that results in you pushing harder and reaching higher.

Huge variety to your workout

Group classes can provide you a wide variety of workout routines.  When you attend a class, this gives everyone the chance to experience new exercises that work your body in a different way.  A lot of these routines are ones that you would not have knowledge of on your own.  Learning and growing your techniques and fitness savvy is a great benefit of group or class workouts.


You’ll be with people who have the same mindset and goals as you.  If you think about it, these people that belong in the group are already your friends.  Sharing a common goal for your fitness lifestyle can’t help but integrate some social benefit.  And, there’s usually music involved!

No matter how strong and fit you are, you’re only human. Well, so is everyone else who’s working out with you.  If you’re in an environment that’s welcoming and driven toward the shared goals of the group, you’ll be more likely to stick with it, you’ll be more likely to increase your expertise, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.


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