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Kids and Sports

Organized sports for your child bring more than just physical benefits.  Socializing is important for a young person.  It helps to provide the tools they need now and will need in future years.  This article will touch on a few of the many benefits your child can derive from team sports, not to mention the FUN FACTOR!




self esteem

Positive reinforcement is so important for a child.  A simple pat on the back or a high five from a coach or a team member can go a long way in building confidence.  This experience adds to a child’s understanding of themselves and their abilities which adds to their self-confidence.


Kids need exercise! When your child participates in a sport, they probably don’t see it as getting exercise – but they’re becoming healthier and building endurance.  All that aerobic activity can make a difference in body weight , heart health and stamina.

leadership skills

Being part of a team teaches about sharing and being accountable for your actions.  But it also helps a child to recognize different roles they and others play for the team.  They soon recognize what being a role model is all about.



Working well with others is an asset for all of us.  Learning that skill and how important it is can begin by being part of an organized sports team.


A child soon learns the importance of expressing themselves when acting as part of a group that depends on each other.  Team sports promote relationships and help a child to communicate with confidence.


Respect is key in all aspects of our lives.  In sports, your child is taught the fundamentals of playing which comes with a respect for rules and authority.  They’ll have coaches to guide them and officials who make sure the games are played fairly.  Kids learn quickly the consequences that come with not playing by the rules.  Good sportsmanship and treating opponents well whether you win or lose is a big deal in team sports.  A child absorbs the climate of good sportsmanship and all the elements of respect it brings.




Deciding on the best sport for your child will depend on age, special needs and even your ability to support your child’s participation.  Of course, the choice is easier if the child already has an interest in a specific sport.

Asking yourself the following questions may help in the process of choosing a program.

  • Is the sports program well organized? What is its mission and does it match yours?
  • Do you feel this program is suitable for your child’s ability?
  • Do the practice and game schedules fit with your schedule and your child’s schedule?
  • Are the coaches knowledgeable and do they interact well with the children?  Do they include a suitable program to condition the children to avoid injury?
  • What about the equipment?  Does it seem to be in good condition?

Camps and clinics keep children developing at a rapid performance rate.  Below are a few sports choices that may be of interest for your child.


Lifelong values and important character traits can be the result of a child’s participation in group sports.  These programs can be successful in the emotional, physical and social development of our children.  Organized programs should work to make the sports experience safe, fun and healthy!




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