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why not do both!

Weight Control  |  Builds Muscle  |  Tones Your Body


Why choose strength training?

If you have limited time to devote to your fitness regimen, you may want to choose STRENGTH TRAINING or resistance training.  The use of free weights, body weight and weight machines has benefits in addition to what the tried-and-true cardio has to offer.

Develop Strong Bones – Weight bearing exercises can increase bone density.

Manage Your Weight – Strength training builds muscle, and it can rev up your metabolism to help burn calories.

Build Muscles – Build muscles that can contribute to your performance in sports and other activities.

Manage Chronic Conditions – Strength training may reduce symptoms of arthritis, back pain and more.

Cardio helps dump calories — burning fat and muscle.


Strength training burns fat while building muscle.



Strength Exercises

Free Weights – Barbells and dumbbells are familiar weight training tools that have you raise the weight up.  The Lat pulldown  machine provides resistance in the opposite direction. Pull away from the resistance versus bringing it toward you.  Movements, for example, would be deadlift, bench press, bent-over row, bicep curl.

Body Weight – Pushups, pullups, planks and leg squats.  To keep your workout balanced, include pulling exercises, like rows and pushing exercises, like presses.

Weight Machines – Take advantage of various resistance machines.

Cardio VS Resistance Training For Weight Loss

Benefits of cardio

Cardio burns more fat than lifting weights.  Research shows that aerobics can cause you to lose up to four times more fat than training only with resistance.  As for the type of cardio you should make your go-to, that depends on your personal condition, so check with a trainer for the best direction.

Cardio makes you snack less.  Studies show that a high intensity level cardio workout causes your body to circulate more blood to prevent overheating.  This causes loss of appetite because the blood is moving away from the gut.

Benefits of  strength training

Strength training helps to build muscle.  Muscle takes up less space than fat which means fewer inches on your body.  You’ll still burn some calories while you’re lifting but the big difference is the calorie burn that happens after your workout (called the after-burn).

Increased energy and endurance are perks of strength training.  This benefit added to regular cardio training helps you go faster and harder for longer periods of time. That burns even more calories.

Does this mean I should be doing both?

Cardio is more effective than strength training at decreasing body fat if you do  more than 150 minutes per week.  Strength training is better than cardio for building muscle.  A combo of cardio and weights might be best for improving your body’s composition.


While cardio can help you get rid of fat, lifting weights and other types of resistance exercise helps you build more muscle (which can also help you burn more calories).   That’s because muscles are metabolically active . . . meaning they burn calories even when you’re not exercising (remember the after-burn).

Studies have shown, muscle tissue burns 7 to 10 calories per pound daily, while fat burns only 2 to 3 calories per pound daily.  WHERE’S THE KETTLE BELL!!




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