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On reopening day we thought it'd be helpful to lift your spirits with a relevant playlist and some advice on how to ease back into gym life.

A very clean playlist

Before we spill the dirt on how you can ease back into things at HCI, we created a Spotify playlist to help you clean up your act while working out for the first time around real people. Can you guess the theme?

For a mellow and moody warmup with T-Swift. One of the lyrics is “There was months and months of back and forth” — we know how you feel, Taylor.

  1. Clean by Taylor Swift 

Helping you get straight to work with not so clean yet subtle reminders to keep wiping down equipment before and after use!

2. So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast

3. Quarantine Clean by Young Thug, Turbo and Gonna

4. Clean out my Closet by Eminem

5. Dance Yrself Clean by LCD SoundSystem

There really is no place we’d rather be, we know you’ve felt the same way during quarantine.

6. Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) by Clean Bandit

Between all of the Mr. Cleans, Clean up women and our cleaning crew, we will crush covid with cleanliness.

7. Clean White Noise by Erik Eriksson — the sounds of cleaning

8. Mr. Clean by Yung Gravy

9.  Clean Up Woman by Betty Wright

10. Cleaning Crew by Jackboy

Don’t forget your hands.

11. Hands Clean by Alanis Morissette

We have to come clean about all of the members we missed during this time. This is also the cool down part of your workout. Make sure to stretch on your own yoga mat.

12. Coming Clean by Green Day

13 I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels) by Clean Bandit

As you exit the workout zones, we’d like to part with one final reminder that might take you back to where it all began.

14. Clean Up by Barney

Keep it Clean on Spotify

Who knew there was so much "clean" in the music world?

Six Tips for Easing back to the Gym

Whether you’ve been working out at home or not, with equipment or without equipment, getting back to the gym after a couple of months in quarantine might be more challenging than anticipated.

1. Do what's right for you.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to your routine before things shut down, that’s okay. Take it day by day and set aside time to check in with yourself. Take advantage of our virtual classes on our Facebook Member’s page on days you can’t get there or don’t feel like coming in.

2. Don't overdo it.

We’re all excited to finally have access to equipment we might not have at home and, or feeling the energy from in-person classes. With that being said, don’t pull a muscle or break anything expecting to start where you left off a couple of months ago, especially if you weren’t able to maintain the weight or intensity you were working at.

3. Add these three components to your workout.

To play it safe, make sure to incorporate a balance of cardiovascular endurance, resistance training and stretching into each of your workouts. This will help with injury prevention and also get you back on track more quickly.

4. Give yourself some days of rest.

Be realistic about your frequency. Recovery days are just as important as leg and arm days. Your muscles need time to repair. If you’re feeling extra sore a day or two after your first workout at HCI, that’s a good sign to take the day off.

5. Warmup and cool down.

If you’re not taking a class and, instead, running solo in the gym, be sure to take care of your body pre- and post-workout. A good warmup preps your body for the intensity ahead and a proper cool down helps your heart rate return to normal and can actually prevent some of the aches and pains that come with an increase in intensity. Utilize our “Keep it Clean” playlist to help structure your workout or create your own!

6. Finally, keep it clean!

We know you probably already got the message, but take extra precautions during this time to keep you and those around you safe. Utilize the cleaners around the gym to clean equipment before and after use. Sanitize or wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your face. Wear a mask if that makes you feel more comfortable. And, most importantly, stay home if you know you’re sick or have been exposed. These are germ-y times!


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