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A little dose of inspiration!

Curious how other quarantiners are coping?

Of course you are! We're checking in with you guys and getting the scoop on how you're holding up, what kind of workouts you're enjoying while at home and how else you're spending your time.

Meet Geoff Todd + Family

HCI Members, fitness enthusiasts, rock climbers, and “TEAM US”!

Who are you stuck at home with?

We’ve always called ourselves “TEAM US” and that’s our quarantine squad as well – (Geoff, Lindsay, Harper & Finley Todd) our family & some driveway gatherings with neighbors maintaining solid social distancing! ☺

How are you spending this time?

While there are definitely challenges we’re choosing grateful over grumble. Embracing bonus family time, creating solid structure to help each member of our family thrive not just survive.

Flex that Hex

What does your fitness routine look like right now? Has it changed?

 We’ve loved what HCI and AIM continue to provide in this interim time and are doing something with online training at least 5 days a week. We’ve supplemented with a few other fitness apps, but mostly staying connected with HCI training.

Favorite go-to workout right now?

Dad – med ball crunches (use child if ball it isn’t available), Mom – barre class, Harper – shooting hoops, Finley – playhouse climbing wall.

Too cool for school!

What are your current fitness goals?

As a family, our are goals are to (1.) Stay healthy physically as a part of staying healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. (2.) Avoid going on vacay mode, keep structure and consistency #NoOffSeason!

Do you have any tips for dealing with soreness?

Stretch throughout the day in between all the sitting, use a foam roller and a loving spouse (lol)!

Favorite song(s) to workout to?

“Motivated & Turn the Music Up” by NF, “Comin’ In Hot & You Can’t Stop Me” by Lecrae & Andy Mineo, “Light Work” by 116 Clique.

Taking any HCI virtual classes?

 I’m doing modified AIM training with Bryan Lewis every morning and Wifey has done virtual classes with Jenny Worthington (all of hers) and a few with Tami. Wifey’s favorite class is Tabata with Jenny.

Way to go!

Have you tried something outside of your comfort zone?

Not really, just trying to stay consistent!

Noticing any #gains?

Focused on (not gaining, lol) just staying fit and toned!

Keep it up and do what you can!

Time well spent

Do you have a go-to healthy recipe?

Wifey has started us on Daily Harvest smoothies as a family!

Any advice for others during this time?

Count your blessings while you count your reps because a grateful heart is full of greatness.

We love gratitude practices!

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over?

Step back into the gym and other places with an even greater understanding of the blessing that community, fellowship, relationships, activity space and environments that foster those things like HCI truly are.

Can’t wait for that!


We hope this inspires you to keep flexing the hex, trying new workouts, and using this time wisely!

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