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A little dose of inspiration!

Curious how other quarantiners are coping?

Of course you are! We're checking in with you guys and getting the scoop on how you're holding up, what kind of workouts you're enjoying while at home and how else you're spending your time.

Meet Chris McKinzie

HCI Member, fitness enthusiast, dad and husband and remote worker!

Who are you stuck at home with?

I am with my wife Robin, son Carson (Senior at LT), daughter Kate (Jr. at LT) and our dog Bella.

How are you spending this time?

I work from home so that part is not too different. Although, I would rarely work all day in my home office as I would spend part of most days either working in the café at HCI, at a local coffee shop or downtown or the Domain at WeWork. So, having to be in the same place so much has become a grind. Fortunately, the family has gotten into a nice rhythm and no complaints there. One new thing is that with extra time I signed up for a certificate program in Data Science through Great course content and easy to do at my own pace.

Flex that Hex

What does your fitness routine look like right now? Has it changed?

I’m doing A LOT more walks, runs, hikes, mountain bike rides and starting to get in some paddle board and kayaking.

Favorite go-to workout right now?

My favorite go-to is probably Cat’s Monday Challenge circuits. Without the group class motivation or getting to play soccer, the timed element does provide a degree of competition that I like.

motivation or getting to play soccer, the timed element does provide a degree of competition that I like.

Way to go Chris! We love the creative setup.

What are your current fitness goals?

During this quarantine time, I guess my goal is to be sure to be active in some way every day.  Fortunately, we have a really nice trail system next to our house so there really is no excuse.

Do you have any tips for dealing with soreness?

Yes! This past Christmas, Santa (aka me) got us one of those massage guns. The family was skeptical at first, but now everyone gets some relief when needed.

Favorite song(s) to workout to?

I have a Spotify workout playlist that has been getting a lot more use. I typically listen to Country, Coffee House or Acoustic while working, but come workout time I need a bit more beat. A couple top songs: “Wake Me Up” (Avicci), “Remember the Name” (Fort Minor), “Can’t Hold Us” (Macklemore) and an odd one: “I’m Shipping up to Boston” (Dropkick Murphy’s).

Taking any HCI virtual classes?

Mentioned that I do Cat’s timed workouts, but I have also done Pauline’s Yin Yoga and I mix in some of the AIM sessions via replay.  Really wish I had a spin bike!!!

…Where’s Santa when you need him?

Have you tried something outside of your comfort zone?

I did challenge my son to a competition with one of Cat’s time trials. He is in good shape and on the LT Soccer team – honestly I thought I would beat him – but, he stepped it up and finished about 10 seconds better than me.

Noticing any #gains?

I would say my running conditioning and leg strength have definitely improved. I don’t typically enjoy running, but I have been doing a lot more of it so naturally seeing improvements. However, with no access to any major weight training, I am noticing some decline in arms and shoulders. Fortunately, all the body weight exercises seem to have kept my back and chest ok.

Keep it up and do what you can!

Time well spent

What are you and your family doing for fun?

I would say cooking. We have all stepped up our cooking game and testing new recipes. My daughter created an awesome sushi dinner last week and we had a desert contest to see who could make the best desert.

Do you deliver?

Do you have a go-to healthy recipe?

My daughter makes amazing Acai bowls, so those are great pre- or post-workout. I make a smoothie that I like that includes: frozen banana, peaches, blueberries, protein powder, a scoop of this green ‘superfood’ powder and almond milk.

We repeat Do you deliver?

Any advice for others during this time?


Sage advice, Chris!

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over?

It’s a toss up between: (a) getting to HCI for my favorite classes (b) settling into a cozy chair at a coffee shop and (c) sitting down at a crowded restaurant to get a great meal.

 We like the sound of (a)!


We hope this inspires you to keep flexing the hex, trying new workouts, and using this time wisely!

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