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Not only is it employee appreciation day, but it's also national dentist day!

AND we just so happen to have a dentist on the HCI team... 


Meet Sara Golshani — a SpinX instructor and our dentist partner.

Sarah and her husband Ali met in dental school at the University of Texas at Houston, moved out to Lakeway, TX after graduating and opened their own practice Serene Hills Dentistry. Expecting their first baby, Sara is officially on maternity leave as of last week. Not to worry, though! She’ll be back on the bike in a couple of months. We caught the spinning dentist at her last class (which was PACKED) and asked her a few drilling questions about spin and dental hygiene. We also extracted her “Baby’s Last Ride” playlist. The lineup is an energizing mix of throwback and current with a hilarious progression of innuendos about having a baby. Check it out!  

What's your favorite part about instructing?

I LOVE putting together playlists full of fun music. SpinX is all about dancing to the beat of the music. If you have good music, dancing on the bike becomes easy! I also love the energy the riders bring. For 45 minutes, we’re able to clip in, turn down the lights and shut out everything else in the world as we let the music move flow through us. It’s truly special! 


SpinX is meant to challenge you and test your limits. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I always say it’s not the first class that’s hardest to show up’s the second class, because you already know how challenging it was the first time. I always encourage safety. We don’t want any SPinjuries. So, always listen to your body. My message to new riders is always keep showing up. Eventually, you’ll catch the beat and become a front row rider! 


A lot of people are scared of going to the dentist and, let’s be honest, they downright dread it. I love that I can create a friendly, joking atmosphere with each patient to put them at ease. That moment when they realize that we are human too makes them comfortable in the chair. Dentistry doesn’t have to be scary if you find the right dentist. Come see us! 



Dentistry is not expensive…neglect is. Don’t neglect your oral hygiene. Your mouth is a direct pathway to the rest of your body. So, keep it healthy! Hate flossing? Buy a WaterPik and use it! 

Why Spin?

My dad passed away nearly 4 years ago. Rhythmic spin became a release for me and brought light back into my life. I did spin as a rider (not an instructor) religiously for a couple of years at a local studio. My husband and I opened our dental practice in 2018 and shortly after became sponsors of HCI. When I heard they needed SpinX instructors, I jumped on it! I auditioned and started teaching one week later…it was SO scary at first! 

Baby's Last Ride Playlist

It was all smiles in Sara's last class before maternity leave. She brought the energy and motivation! Here's the music that made everyone show off their pearly whites.

  1. Warmup — Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) by Pitbull 
  2. Fast jog — Baby by Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris  
  3. Crunches and isometrics  — Filthy by Justin Timberlake 
  4. Fast jog with jumps — Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot
  5. Sway + low crosses — Formation by Beyoncé 
  6. Arms — Push It by Salt-N-Peppa  
  7. Climb | Speed through resistance — Water Me by Lizzo 
  8. Pushups  — Push by Kronic, Far East Movement and Savage  
  9. Ride home — I Cry by Flo Rida  

Listen On Spotify!

We will let you know when Sara is back in action! In the meantime, make sure to floss or buy a Waterpik 


Happy Employee Appreciation Day!  


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