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Drum roll please...

We’re excited to announce that our new website is live and kicking, and ready for you to explore!

We went all out designing a fresh, new interface specially crafted to improve your experience and help you take advantage of everything that Hill Country Indoor has to offer.

Allow us to make our new website launch announcement official by walking you through a few of our favorite features:

New Website Design:

The first thing you’ll notice when you click into our page is the sleek new interface and design. We took out all the stops in creating a user experience that’s not only lovely to look at but also better communicates and perfectly describes the many exciting events going on at Hill Country Indoor.

Any time you visit our site, we want your experience to be representative of the dynamic and energetic community we have at HCI, and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with this website makeover.

Improved Navigation:

Our new site navigation and UX were thoughtfully planned to improve your entire browsing experience and ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the many exciting programs and events we have going on!

Just jump on and see for yourself! We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get to properly explore all that our community has to offer to our members.

Better categorization:

We know how valuable your time is, so we took great effort to ensure that you can find what you’re looking for on our site in record time. You’ll find new categories at the top banner of our page with a drop-down menu so you can get to the exact location you’re looking for in just one click!

We’ve also added a search feature on the top right so you don’t ever have to wander the site to find exactly what info you’re looking for.

Blog section:

Want to stay up to date on new activities, sports events, summer camps and special offers? Did you just win a championship ring and want a chance to show it off? Our new blog section is set up to feature all the important happenings that other members might not be aware of, plus ensure you don’t miss out on any member benefits. To say the least, you’ll always be in the know with what’s trending in the facility.

We’ll post photo and video footage from our events so you and your family can be properly featured at the sports and activities where you really shine! You’ll love the sense of community and excitement that our new blog section will bring, we hope tp see you there!

If you’ve already taken a few minutes to jump on and check out our new website, we’d love to hear your feedback! Help us give you the best possible service and experience by leaving a comment on this post with your honest opinion about the new website features. If you have any suggestions or can think of anything we can add or change to make your member experience even better, we’ll be sure to take your input into account.

Happy browsing!

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