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We asked STUDIO instructor Joni Stimpson to breakdown her Kettlebell Yoga + Turkish Get-up class formats for us! Here's everything you need to know about this dynamic workout.

Joni Stimpson

This specific style of “Kettlebell Yoga” is my own creation, pulling together skills I have learned over the past ten years as a personal trainer, kettlebell instructor, and yoga student.
It does not necessarily include yoga or a kettlebell, however, which can be confusing!

Flow with it

A satisfying yoga flow will move from one movement to the next. Where you land from one movement is where you begin. This is my goal when I program a workout with my kettlebell for “kettlebell yoga.”

Turkish Get-Up Workout

The workout will always include the Turkish Get-Up (affectionately nicknamed “loaded yoga”). The Get-Up will teach you excellent stability, mobility, and core strength as you move from the floor to standing and back down again. It is a fantastic skill to learn in your living room since it’s all about mastering your own bodyweight — it is, what we call, a “self-limiting exercise.” Once you feel confident with the Get-Up, it’s time to add a weight, typically a kettlebell (overachievers have used barbells and even people)!


Don’t try this at home

Joni’s Online Classes

Flow 1

I am sharing two flows each week. The first flow can be done with either a kettlebell or dumbbell and does not include the kettlebell skills of Swing and Snatch. These are technical skills best learned with an instructor who can see your form and correct, as needed. Trying to learn the swing and snatch by video, without any corrective feedback, isn’t worth the risk-reward ratio. It is better to stick to overhead press (instead of snatch) and deadlifts (instead of swing). We can do both of these with a dumbbell or kettlebell in Flow 1, adding in Turkish Get-Ups and yoga-style bodyweight movements.

Flow 2

If you have worked with an instructor on the kettlebell swing and snatch and you have a kettlebell in your possession, Flow 2 is for you! It can be really fun to transition the bell from swing to snatch to Turkish Get Up. The combinations aren’t endless, but they are quite challenging, and I find that 10 minutes holding the bell is plenty. I will then put the bell down to rest and work on some sort of plank variation.



To Recap

  • Kettlebell Yoga assumes you know how to do the Turkish Get-Up.
  • Kettlebell Yoga does not require a kettlebell if you stick to overhead presses and deadlifts (taught in Flow 1).
  • Kettlebell Yoga assumes you have a kettlebell and know how to do swing and snatch for Flow 2. It moves quick, so you may want to watch the workout before following along.

Keep up with Joni’s Flow 1 and Flow 2 classes on our Facebook Member’s page and YouTube channel.


Time to Get-Up and Flow! 


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