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myHCI Online

Flex the Hex on the go and at home!

We are beyond pumped to announce the launch of a fresh mobile-friendly platform housing on-demand classes in every STUDIO method you can practice at home. MyHCI Online will open exclusively to members on Monday, August 10 as a membership feature at no additional charge! The rest of the public can subscribe for a monthly fee starting Monday, August 24.

What to Expect...

On top of limitless access to classes and workouts, myHCI will also include an exercise library, blog, personal profile and community features. Read on for the details. 


If you’ve been on our Facebook Member’s page taking virtual classes at any point during the pandemic, you know that it comes with its fair share of hiccups. In order to find your favorite yoga class from last week, you have to endlessly scroll through posts, mentions and other classes.


Fortunately, myHCI Online will include all of your favorite STUDIO methods organized by type — HIIT, Mind & Body, Express, Strength and Cardio! For all of you on-the-goers, the Express classes will target specific areas of the body like core, arms, legs and cardio so you can finish in 20-30 minutes and get to where you’re going.


Classes include:

Express core, arms, legs, strength and cardio

Every Minute on the Minute — EMOM





Mat Pilates





Triple Threat




Cardio Boxing


Exercise Library

Featuring demonstrations by our expert AIM trainers, the exercise library is a place to learn about proper form and technique. If you’re doing any sort of weight training or functional fitness at home, this exercise library will come in handy especially for preventing injury — so, we love this feature! Exercise demonstrations include bodyweight and weight like Dumbbell Box Goblet Squat and Barbell Romanian Deadlift!

Personal Features

Much like social media, you’ll be able to set up a profile with a profile photo. Throughout the site, you will be able to “favorite” the classes you like or want to try and they will be stored in a section called My Workouts. From there, you can jump into class quickly instead of sifting through the archives every time. Once you finish a video, it will say “completed,” but you can still take the class as many times as you want!


The great thing about this feature is you can change it up as much as you want or stick to your tried-and-true.

Community Feature

Kind of like a Facebook feed, there is a “My Activity” section. You can connect with friends and instructors, post photos or playlists, comment on posts and make posts public, private or open to your connections only. You can also send messages and create groups.


If you’re not a fan of social media or social features, you can ignore this feature altogether, it’s not a necessity to utilize the workouts, exercise library and blog!

The Blog

The blog is meant to inform and entertain with fun and valuable stories, expert tips and guest features.

Beyond the Launch

We plan to continue to roll out additional features in the future and can’t wait to bring you along for the benefits. Stay tuned on Monday, August 10 for access to the platform. In the meantime, follow our new social media handles for the latest news and updates.

Let's Flex!

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