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The first annual Haunted on the Hill event was filled with cheers, jeers and the occasional beers. Partners lined the streets with activities and treats as little ones in costume came to collect. The echoing screams from haunted house victims intermittently overcame the Halloween music playing all around as event-goers ate, drank and participated in face painting, corn hole, photo sessions and more. To say the least, this event was enough to raise the dead.

Haunted on the Hill kicked off with a mile-long Monster Dash fun run along Bee Cave Parkway. Runners of all ages dressed as dinosaurs, unicorns, ninjas and ghosts hit the pavement with excitement while Bee Cave Police stood watch. While some ran with strollers, some with inflatable costumes and some just trying to keep up with kids, everyone finished in award-winning style! As the Monster Dash came to an end, the haunted house quickly began accruing a following of its own. The line wrapped to the end of the parking lot as groups of 4-6 were led through the multi-themed, underground obstacle. Overcoming cannibals, zombies, ghosts, spiders, butchers, clowns and more, haunted house survivors left screaming, knowing the nightmares to come. The kid zone within the haunted house included pirates, chemists and dance-induced skeletons!

After exiting the haunted house, many enjoyed delicious street tacos and a crisp glass of wine while enjoying the company of others on the blanket-laden hay bales. Clear skies created an ideal evening for this well-attended fall festival.

With such an amazing turnout for our first annual Haunted on the Hill event, we would be remiss not to say thank you! Thank you for spending your evening with us, for sharing your creative costumes and for supporting the Lake Travis High School PTO in the process. We appreciate everyone who participated in this eerie evening. Stay on the lookout for more community events, coming soon!


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