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The first week of May is nationally recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week. Thursday, specifically, is Thank a Teacher Day! 

BUT with so many amazing people on the HCI Team, how can we pick just one? So, we wanted to take a moment to shoutout all of are awesome HCI instructors from the STUDIO to AIM to all of our sports programs, kids camps and youth programs — we’re grateful for the blood, sweat, and tears (of joy) you put in.

Here are Five reasons we’re grateful!

1. They’ve shown up through thick and thin!

In the midst of a pandemic, every single one of our instructors has been more than ready to be there for our members in any way they can. Jumping at the chance to offer consistent virtual classes and training sessions and tips on how to condition for their sport of expertise! They have made this time at home so much more bearable and demonstrated a commitment to keeping all of us healthy in more ways than one. Have we said thank you yet?

2. Their passion is inspiring!

Engage with any one instructor, trainer, and coach at HCI and their passion for helping students reach their fitness goals is clear. We love the energy they bring with all that they do and that passion continues to motivate and fuel us through hard times!

3. They make us stronger + healthier.

Go ahead and flex! We love that we can see results from classes and programs with our instructors. Their thoughtful classes and training methods make all of us stronger and healthier.

4. Their wealth of knowledge.

Have you ever asked your favorite instructor a question about the class or an issue you’re having with an exercise? We love that they are experts in what they do and help us walk away with more information so we can keep growing and improving.

5. They make us more resilient.

Oh the dreaded moment when our instructors ask us to hold a pose longer or do more reps than we thought possible. They always challenge us safely and, by doing so, they also make us mentally more resilient and ready to take on all kinds of challenges in life.

Is that already five? We could keep going…but we won’t bore you!

We encourage you to take a minute to say thank you to your favorite instructors today! Make sure to tag us on any of your HCI teacher appreciation social media posts (@hcindoor)!

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