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Feeling bored? it's time to review.

What is fitness burnout?  You work out.  You have a fitness routine.  Then why do you still feel run down all the time and nothing seems to help?

What causes burnout?  It could be over-training and/or not allowing yourself to recover properly.  Another cause could be that you don’t mix it up enough.  You perform the same routine over and over with no new exercises to challenge your mind and body.

This all just sounds depressing, and it can be.  If your workouts are leaving you feeling unfulfilled and drained, odds are you’re going to stop.  Face it, if we get bored with something, we drop it.  That should never happen with your fitness routine, not if you want to stay healthy.

In a Quandary?

Answer these questions:

  • Do I train too often or am I pushing myself too hard?
  • Am I feeling especially sore or especially tired lately?
  • Is my workout performance decreasing – I can’t do as many reps or I’m moving slower?
  • Am I energized or “beat” after a workout?

It’s important to pay attention to your body and how you feel to understand if your workout routine is well balanced.  If you’re overdoing, it could lead to injury.





Beat that Burnout!

Get back in the race, but first . . .

Slow Down – You may be trying to do too much, too quickly. Get back to the basics such as walking, basic yoga or basic weight training.  Go low on reps and weights and work your way back up to a more intense session.  When setting fitness goalsbe sure they’re realistic for your level of fitness. It’s great to aim high, but build in the steps to get you there.  Speak with a fitness professional who can share their expertise in helping you to determine the plan to meet your fitness goals.
Build in Recovery Time – Make sure you schedule your sweat sessions to work different muscle groups over weekly periods leaving time between for recovery.
Mix It Up – Incorporate a variety of exercises in your routine including the number of reps, switch levels and even change location or scenery.   Try adding some Yin Yoga poses or Abs & Jabs Boxing.  Lift weights with an AIM coach or a take a Speedy Spin class.
Stay Hydrated – Your body needs sufficient fuel to perform well, so eat healthy and stay hydrated.  If not, it’s going to show up in your workout and after.
Good Sleep – Getting enough sleep is key to your body and your mind health. You should be getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night to stimulate  production of those hormones we all need to burn fat and grow muscle.


What have we learned?  Avoiding fitness burnout isn’t complicated, it can even be enjoyable . . and it should be!  When planning your workouts, do the things you like to doChange your workouts frequently –  not just to ensure you’re moving all the right body parts, but also so you don’t get bored.  Add some music, add some friends . . . do whatever it takes to not only get benefits from a sweat session, but be entertained too.

Now, put on some flashy, neon gear and go out there and GET TO IT!




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