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Having trouble knowing what to give the guests that come to your son or daughter’s birthday party? Want to avoid the normal plastic toys that everyone hands out? We have some simple ideas for the next birthday party!

1.) Personalized Options

It’s always hard to know who all is coming to your child’s birthday party, so one idea we recommend is personalizing items for the birthday boy/girl. Personalized chocolate bars, water bottles, cups or even crayon sets can say the birthday boy or girl’s name and party date or the celebrated age!

2.) Take Home Activities

While at a birthday party, there are usually lots of fun things to do and interact with. Why stop the fun and cause activities to end when you go home? As an above and beyond type of party favor, give your guests a fun thing to do when they get home! Examples include Legos, origami fun kits, manicure sets, customized coloring books and crayons, seeds/a pot/soil to plant and watch grow, wooden train set with paints, the possibilities are endless!

3.) Piggy Banks

Teaching money saving techniques is something that should start at a very young age. The valuable lesson can continue to be remembered by giving a piggy bank to the friends of your child. If you want to add a creative element to the giveaway, you can always have a decorating station at the party to help personalize the piggy bank before heading home. That way, when they earn a few coins around the house, they’ll have a safe place to keep them!

4.) Inflatable Pool Toys

If you are having a party in the summer time, the gift of inflatable sports balls or fun inflatables that can be used in the swimming pool are great ideas for all! Bring a permanent marker and specify each one for the kids attending. These party favors can double as room decór for the party as well!

5.) Themed Party Boxes

If your son or daughter wants to have a specific theme other than sports, then a themed party box is ideal for their upcoming party! Examples like Frozen the movie, Monster High, Emojis, Minecraft or Trucks & Cars can be great with some themed items in a theme-specific box or bag!

Need some inspiration?

A Frozen the movie box can include a tiara, pink or blue suckers, sparkling bouncy balls, magic wand and lip gloss rings.

A Monster High box can include themed notepads, clip-in colored hair extensions, figurines, erasers and a paddle ball game.

An Emoji box has so many possibilities, including a fan, miniature inflatable emojis, keychains, sound-on soft emoji faces and drawstring backpacks!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is relative to the party and the birthday boy or girl! More than anything, have fun with your party favors! They’re something for the kids to remember this special day!

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