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Tiny Tumblers in action! Scheduling fitness for kids and adults will keep everyone on track, all school year long.

Balancing it all in the fall

With the new school year upon us, new routines seem to run rampant. After all, once the kids are back in the classroom, the endless cycle of meal times, sports practices and homework begins. The days become shorter, individuals become busier and the preconceived relief of summertime ending immediately dulls. This is when it is most important for us, as families, to maintain a healthy routine.

Here are the top five tips for creating balance with your family this fall:

1) [Meal] Plan Ahead

Not sure what to eat? Planning meals ahead of time can help! Create a menu and grocery shopping list before the work week begins for ultimate success. Once the shopping is done, begin preparing lunches and dinners for the week ahead. This labor-intensive meal prep will inevitably prevent any unnecessary (albeit convenient) trips through the drive-through, while providing healthful nutrients and cost-saving meals for you and your family. Looking for more quality time together? Get the whole family involved in the meal prep by assigning each individual a role! Having a family meal time will also provide a great opportunity to sit down as a family and talk about the day.

2) Get Moving

Studies have reported that physical activity is important when it comes to our capacity to learn. These benefits include an increase in focus, overall improved behavior and a boost in academic performance. With that being said, the benefits of movement far exceed the classroom. Studies have also shown a decrease in stress levels and improved sleep at night. Sounds pretty useful, right?

Researchers recommend for children to exercise 30-minutes a day, three to five days a week. While that looks simple enough on paper, adults and children alike can understand the lack of allure that working out alone can sometimes provide. To fight the temptation of watching just “one more episode,” find activities for you and your kiddos that take place in a group setting. Group fitness classes, social fitness groups, sports leagues and sport skills programs are all ways to get moving – together!

At Hill Country Indoor, we have several options, including the HCI Run Club, STUDIO and AIM group fitness classes, small group training, adult leagues, youth leagues and sports programs, youth recreational programs and more! We also offer a Homeschool P.E. program! Take the time to surround you and your family with others who have similar goals. There’s a reason why the phrase “Teamwork makes the DREAM work” is so popular!

3) Plan Ahead

I know…school just started…but the holidays are.coming. Start planning now to help prevent any last-minute travel and/or gift costs!  Have your family members already made their wishlist? Get ahead of the game by purchasing those items now and avoid the holiday rush. This will help avoid holiday stressors and allow you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones!

4) Routine Routine Routine

Before getting started, first answer this: Do you have a family command center? Better yet, do you know what a family command center is? This communal area is multi-faceted and can be modified based on your family’s needs. Hang some hooks for backpacks and/or jackets, add in cubbies for any quick drop-off/pick-up items, include a family calendar to post kids’ activities, parties and sporting events. In essence, the family command center is a great way to keep everyone sane.

5) Know When to Say ‘No’

FOMO is real. We get it. But please understand that it is okay to say ‘no.’ Trying to do it all will eventually make you feel stressed out and irritable. After all, we can’t all be Superman and Superwoman, right? By learning to find a healthy balance, you will be thankful and more present in the moment!

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