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This is what HCI looked like today!

In case you were wondering what HCI actually looks like in this phase of reopening, we poked our camera in a few classes and camps to share some highlights from the day.

Spinning on the Court in the early AM

Featuring STUDIO instructor Coral and socially distanced members on the court with lots of room to breathe.

A Mid-Morning Lift in Studio 3

Featuring STUDIO instructor Tami giving a face that says it all, but mostly, “I believe in you!”

In case you’re wondering, LIFT is a full-body workout using heavy and light weights with interval training from squat and lunge pulses to skull crushers and core work.

Quick Stop in the Gym

Social distance markers line the floors of the gym so it’s easy to know how much space to keep from other members. Not too much traffic just before 12PM!  

Afternoon MetaboliX Hip Hop in Studio 1

If the image looks out of focus, it’s probably because we couldn’t help but dance along. Instructor Martie led an upbeat hip hop based dance class that gets the heart pumping while building lean muscle. She also gave a great tip on how to get better at twerking (hint: get low).

Late Afternoon Power Hour on the Track

Instructor Jarren led a stamina building hour of power on the track utilizing functional fitness programming!

Summer Camps

From soccer to basketball camps and AIM youth training, our staff is wearing masks and taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.


We have been so impressed with all of our members who are crushing their workouts at HCI and from home! Keep flexing the hex however you can and know that YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Stay tuned for more of this series “A Day in the Life!”

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