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The military is overhauling its classic fitness test which was designed in the ’80s.  It included two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a two-mile run.  A redesigned test is scheduled to be rolled out by October 2020 that consists of the six exercises you see below.  The new qualifier is said to be a better test of functional fitness and 81% predictive of how a soldier (regardless of gender) will perform in the field.  Have we peaked your interest?



 The updated fitness test has six events.  Each exercise is worth 100 points with a min of 420 points to pass.  More elite groups must score close to 600.


Three-rep deadlift with a weight range of 120 to 420 pounds (lift just as much as you can safely, three times).

You pass (70 points) lifting 180 pounds.  Max is (100 points) lifting 320 pounds.

Power Throw

Throw a 10 pound medicine ball backward as far as you can.  This movement represents tasks requiring quick, explosive moves.

You pass (70 points) at 8.5 yards.  Max (100 points) at 13.5 yards.

Hand-Release Pushups

You get two minutes to do all the push-ups you can.  This exercise is an upper body endurance test.

You pass (70 points) with 30 push-ups.  Max (100 points) with 70.  Hand-release push-ups or T-stop push-ups are like regular push-ups, except at the down position you lift hands and arms off the ground, then reset for the next push-up.


A sprint-drag-carry consists of a 50 meters run each, sprint, drag a 90 pound sled, side-shuffle, then carry two 40 pound kettle-bells, and sprint again.   This event tests strength, endurance and anaerobic capacity.

You pass (70 points) by doing it in 2 minutes 9 seconds.  Max (100 points) if you can do it in 1 minute 40 seconds.

Pull-Up Leg Tuck

Do a pull-up until your arms are at 90 degrees and bring your knees to your chest, then back down (don’t you wish you’d spent more time on those core workouts!).  Do as many as you can, no excessive swinging.  This move tests the strength of your grip, arm, shoulder and trunk muscles.

You pass (70 points) by doing 5.  Max (100 points) if you can do 20.

Two Mile Run

Run as fast as you can for two miles on a flat course.  This event measures aerobic endurance.

You pass (70 points) by doing two miles in 18 minutes.  Max (100 points) by running two miles in 12 minutes 45 seconds.

All six exercises must be completed in under 50 minutes.


CONGRATULATIONS!  Did you have what it takes to ace the test?  Whatever your score, you deserve congrats for making such an extreme effort.  Challenging  your “fit self” is always a learning experience.  No matter what your test results, you may have discovered what you need to work on, and how hard you need to pat yourself on the back!




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