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There is a method to the madness.

Trying new classes without feeling on the spot is easier than ever now that we’re forced to workout from the comfort of our homes. Here’s a guide to all of our virtual STUDIO and AIM classes, thus far!



Scroll for class descriptions and benefits, equipment needs and a few tips!


Set a yoga mat in an area with ample space for long lunging and leg kicking. Get ready to get long and lean! More generally, yoga is good for stretching, relieving stress, building lean muscle and working the heart.

Core Flow

This 60-minute class combines the strength of Pilates with the power of Yoga to help build strength and muscle tone while increasing flexibility. You’re sure to feel relaxed AND challenged as you move your core concentration and deep breathing to the next level. Namaste!

Sculpt Flow

Sculpt Flow is a hybrid class integrating Vinyasa Yoga with light weights and resistance training. The dynamic combination of weight-lifting techniques and Vinyasa flow targets each muscle group — building and toning while  improving healing, flexibility and blood flow.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a freestyle meditative approach to Yoga with a focus on myofascial release and relaxation. Breathe deep and stretch out the body for rejuvenation and increased balance.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is a moderately-paced, deep practice. Each class begins and ends with self-awareness to tune into the mind and body. The heart of the class is focused on alignment while moving through asanas.


From core-centric pilates to pure cardio workouts, our STUDIO offerings are dynamic and guaranteed to tackle every muscle group. Get ready to sweat no matter what class you pick (so, bring a towel). Instructors will recommend equipment and household items to use in place of weights leading up to or at the start of each class on the members page!


Barre combines elements of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and functional training. This energizing class is hard on muscles and kind on joints. Barre classes utilize small and controlled movements all over the body to increase strength and endurance while improving posture, flexibility, balance, stability and muscle definition.


BURN is a full body workout that will shape and tone the body from head to toe! Using light weights, body weight and high repetitions, this zero-impact class guarantees a BURN — in calories and muscles!

Cardio Remix

Turn up the volume to all your favorite remixes as we keep your heart rate elevated! Cardio RemiX mixes dance moves with strength training for a fun and freeing way to get that cardio workout in! This class will burn calories, build muscle and elevate your mood!


HIT is the STUDIO’s heavy bag kickboxing class. This high-intensity training workout focuses on whole body strength and conditioning. Work with heavy bags (or alternatives while at home) and body weight circuits — drills, combos, kicks and proper techniques — for a hard-hitting, heart pumping workout. This class combines a boxing workout with full body conditioning movements in between rounds.


Loaded intervals with full-body training, LIFT is a guided lifting class that will incorporate a total body workout with weights and movements to leave you feeling strong and lean from head to toe.


Mayhem is designed to build muscle and activate those fat-burning zones. This high-intensity class is a boot camp training style that utilizes weights to build muscle, burn fat and increase energy!


MayhemX takes your muscle building and fat burning to the eXtreme. Ramping up the intensity from a Mayhem class, this style is boot camp training with weights and other equipment to build muscle, burn fat and increase energy!


MetaboliX Hip Hop is a dance class that guarantees a great full body workout for all fitness levels while listening to today’s pop and hip hop hits! Get ready to burn some major calories while having a blast (and maybe a laugh) during this amazing workout!


Pilates is a low impact, full body workout, that helps increase strength and flexibility. Mat Pilates is one of the oldest and most proven methods of developing core strength and stability. This challenging yet safe method will sculpt the body and increase agility in daily movements.

Power Hour

This hour will fly by as we challenge your endurance, strength and POWER through functional fitness programming. Get ready to take your POWER to the next level!


Just what the doctor ordered! Recover and reinvigorate the body through myofascial release to relieve sore and tired muscles and help you feel your best! This class will help to utilize long and lean muscles to recover faster and optimize body functionality.


Spin is a high-intensity interval cycling workout that takes place on a stationary bike…if you have one at home. Be prepared to sweat as we climb, sprint and pedal to the beat in this exhilarating cardio class.


SpinX is an upbeat, high-intensity cycling class. Complete with choreography, weight training, invigorating music, and fun, SpinX incorporates rhythmic dance to elevate heart rate, burn calories and enjoy the ride!


This is NOT your traditional step class! StepX builds strength and stamina in an energizing and challenging class, complete with choreography and exciting movement combinations in a high-energy cardio workout. This class challenges your mind and body while burning calories and toning hips, glutes and thighs!

Tactical Tabata

Set the timer and start moving! Tactical Tabata is a boot camp-style training class on a Tabata timer. This class will focus on full body movements at a full throttle pace.

Zoomba Strong

Zoomba Strong combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio dance and plyometric training moves to music! This class is specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, lunge, and burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it through that last rep.

AIM Methods

If you haven’t heard of our AIM (Athletes in Motion) Programs yet, here’s the scoop. AIM BELIEVES THAT IMPROVED FUNCTION AND PERFORMANCE ARE VIRTUES INTENDED FOR ALL. Workouts with AIM focus on seven foundational principles (which is code for blood, sweat and tears…of joy) — MOBILITY, STRENGTH, POWER, ENDURANCE, CHANGE OF DIRECTION, SELF-CARE AND MENTAL STRENGTH. 

AIM Adult Motion

MOTION is all about movement! Come ready to sweat because this class will have you moving in every direction. Circuit-style training, combined with agility and strength, provides a challenging workout for every fitness level. Whether training for a race or for everyday life, AIM’s Motion class is key.

AIM Youth Training

Athletes looking to enhance various elements of athletic performance including speed, strength and power are ideal candidates for Youth AIM Training. Speed School focuses on improving speed through proper mechanics. Strength Camp emphasizes total body strength by learning and incorporating proper strength training techniques. Power Development enhances power and explosiveness as it integrates rotational power and explosive jumping ability. No matter the sport or goal, these three programs are effective in developing safe and successful athleticism.

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