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Cat C.



Why we wear pink.

I like to think I’ll leave this world in a better place than I entered it. We imprint on those around us daily, but what about perfect strangers? Everyone in this world has such a unique and beautiful story! The $3100 in 31 Days campaign was inspired by the idea that, as a community, we can raise awareness for breast cancer during its dedicated October month. We can honor lost friends and family, stand together for those currently fighting and give hope for the future. I have not personally lost someone close to this cancer, but I could be one out of eight women diagnosed in her lifetime. So could my daughter, and so could her daughter one day. That, to me, should be reason enough to skip Starbucks one day and find $5 to maybe impact the future.

We have such an amazing membership base here at HCI. The thought was $100 per day for the month of October. I thought it was ambitious but do-able. To start us off, my husband and I each personally pledged $100 to the cause. We essentially needed 29 more people to pledge $100 or everyone to pool together and say, I do have $10 for hope. I can give $20 for support. I want to share $50 in memory of ______.

I learned a lot about our members and staff. Some have lost close family, some have personally fought and survived. Halfway through the month, I was starting to worry we wouldn’t reach our goal, but I was determined after it became more evident that what we were doing DOES matter.

A member pulled me aside after class with tears in her eyes and said, “Thank you so much. I survived breast cancer and seeing that ribbon wall on the STUDIO, knowing that this facility is in the fight for a cure, knowing that I’m surrounded by other members who want to take a stand makes me so proud to belong here.”

I’d be lying to say I didn’t shed a tear myself that day, but also the night of the 31st, the last night of the month. My kids had a great time trick-or-treating, but I couldn’t help but worry as we were $300 under our goal with the clock running out. In a last attempt effort to call our community to action, I spread the word. I was so proud of our staff who stepped up to help us cross the finish line and the members who jumped in after seeing the obtainable goal. The night ended with me happy crying texting everyone that we not only HIT but SURPASSED our $3100 goal to raise $3500!!!

In STUDIO classes, we always say #bettertogether, and that motto not only inspired but PROVED this mission to be a success.


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