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Everyone is an athlete in his/her own way. Whether on the court, the field or carrying groceries to the car, each body can find success through overall strength, mobility and functionality. Adult AIM Training strives to help participants find and reveal the inner athlete through well-rounded training programs that focus on movement. The highly experienced and knowledgeable training coaches first develop a Total Assessment Profile for each participant in order to help determine the best plan forward for the individual. Through AIM, adults can stay on track, stay motivated and move closer towards his or her goals in a safe and effective manner.

AIM Group Training

AIM Group Training is a membership upgrade that provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in a community environment of structured athletic training, coached by highly qualified and energetic AIM coaches. Limited class sizes allow coaches to adapt and modify movements to each individual, providing a personable experience in a group setting. AIM provides a wide variety of dynamic and positive classes that are designed to challenge every participant. Join this unique gathering of like-minded athletes for encouragement, accountability, and fitness to take AIM at your goals!