Adult Athletic Performance Programs

Everyone is an athlete. Whether you are training for a specific sport or simply interested in taking your fitness and athleticism to the next level, performance training will enhance your experience. Athletes interested in stepping up their game in competition will benefit from training that incorporates HCI’s foundations of athleticism for each athlete, no matter their ability or experience. Adults looking to get healthy, stay fit, and take care of their bodies will benefit from high-energy and challenging performance training with our qualified staff.


Group athletic training creates a unique and challenging environment that combines specialized attention with an energetic and competitive group setting.


HCI provides a class that focuses on the unique and specific training needs of the endurance athlete. This class will focus on keeping you resilient and strong to allow for optimal endurance training results. Classes may be focused on subcategories designed specifically for runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes.


Athlete Development training programs will be available for adults looking to improve their overall athleticism for participation in a specific sport or for overall fitness. Each athlete will be assessed during their training to identify areas for improvement, performance limitations, and to establish a performance baseline.


Are you Elite? Be ready to take on the challenge of being an Elite Athlete. HCI offers our most advanced class utilizing Olympic lifts, high level plyometrics, Strongman training, and functional movements. Training assessment required.


Let HCI supplement your training by providing specialized training sessions focusing on specific performance qualities. Athletes will be assessed using the latest technology to identify areas that need improvement which will help to maximize their training and improve results.

Strength and Power Enhancement: Maximize strength and power development to enhance explosive athletic performance. We can add in the tools and evaluations necessary for this subcategory. This is a great addition for any athlete looking to improve speed, total body strength, power and explosiveness.

Recovery and Restoration: Often athletes are not over trained, but rather under-recovered. Let us optimize recovery and restoration using the latest modalities and techniques. As an athlete, you can always find time for your workouts, but can never find time to take care of your body properly. Let the professionals at HCI help you with a recovery and restoration program to keep you performing at the highest level possible.


Individualized performance training allows coaches to create the most unique regimen designed specifically to the athlete.

Individual Performance Training: When you are ready to step-up to the ultimate in individualized training, let HCI design a specialized training program to fit your specific needs. Each program includes our Athletic Assessment Profile and utilizes the data to provide the best customized program to achieve success.

Semi-Private/Small Group: Looking for an individualized program but not ready for 1-on-1, or just prefer to train with other athletes? HCI offers small group training which provides each athlete their own individualized, custom program while sharing a performance coach. Group sizes vary from 2-4 athletes per coach.

Professional: Top level athletes depend upon top level performance. Let HCI’s experienced coaches help you stay at optimal readiness. Utilizing the latest technology and equipment, we will provide a comprehensive Athletic Assessment Profile to guide the development of an individualized program to help you reach your goals for next season.  

Collegiate: Whether you are currently a college athlete, preparing to start a college career, or pursuing a professional career, HCI is here. Let our staff of former collegiate and professional coaches help you maximize your potential. Our coaches have been at the highest level and know what it takes to succeed.


HCI welcomes local amatuer, semi-pro and professional teams to utilize the facility for a variety of training purposes. Dedicated Team Training exists within the facility to provide a private and precise opportunity for adult teams to train. Programs are customized to the specific needs and goals of each team and include out Athletic Assessment Profile. Contact Matt Herring to discuss options for Team Training at either our HCI location or off-site.


Hill Country Indoor Performance Coaches will offer a wide range of evaluations utilizing state-of-the-art technology for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Acquiring a baseline for training is especially important for adult athletes interested in seeing quantified and tangible results.

Athlete Performance Profile: A complete athletic assessment evaluating all areas of athletic performance including: Strength, Speed, Agility, Power, Flexibility, and Symmetry

Movement Analysis and Injury Prevention: An in-depth analysis looking at HOW the athlete moves to identify any asymmetry, imbalances, or movement limitations that might hinder performance and increase risk of injury.

Baseline Assessment for Return to Play: An assessment profile to establish baseline data to track progress, or provide valuable information to determine return to play status after an injury or setback.


Let HCI help you get the most out of training by maximizing your recovery. As adult bodies are challenged in training, they require adequate and specialized care and maintenance. Soft tissue massage, NORMATEC leg compression, and individualized mobility are some of the various techniques available.


Fitness is more than just a healthy habit, it’s a way of living. Allow HCI to guide and motivate you to get active, increase longevity, and have fun! HCI will provide a program that will benefit a wide variety of adults interested in improving and maintaining fitness. Get moving!


Hill Country Indoor is excited for the opportunity to host special events related to adult performance, competition, training, and sport. Such events may include coaches clinics, combine testing, ultimate athlete competitions, educational demonstrations, and special guest appearances.

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