Get to Know Our Fitness Experience Manager: Kim Wilson

Interview Conducted on July 14, 2022.

With over twenty-five years of experience in Fitness and Customer Service, Kim Wilson returned to her Texas roots, recently joining the team at HCI Sports & Fitness to assist in our member’s long-term success.


HCI Sports & Fitness offers one of the most expansive fitness experiences in Texas, and Kim Wilson—our new Fitness Experience Manager—is here to help ensure our members understand everything they have access to in order to achieve their fitness goals! The first few weeks are critical in finding success when joining a new fitness center and a complimentary fitness assessment with Kim allows our members to understand what practical results look like and what’s available to help them earn those results. Everyone’s fitness needs are unique, and HCI Sports & Fitness offers an abundance of ways to keep our members engaged and help make sure they’re continuing toward success. Personal Training, Athletes In Motion, Group Fitness Classes, and a few thousand square feet of Cardio and Strength Equipment are among the options available to our members. With so much to offer, Kim is here to make sure everyone who joins finds the combination that fuels their individual progress. Her detailed and personalized approach includes understanding medical and injury history, taking measurements with our InBody Technology, and discussing short-term and longterm goals. Understanding the perfect starting point is paramount in working towards goals. From there, “we discuss how and why we want to see the numbers change over the duration of training,” says Wilson.  


Kim and her daughter moved to Austin from Portland eighteen months ago after being away from Texas for 26 years. In 2017, Kim became a CrossFit coach to follow her passion for fitness. “It’s a big part of my life. I really want to go to bed at night knowing I am helping people improve their life and health. Teaching people what they’re capable of, not just for the physique changes or goals they are striving for, but also for their mental fortitude,” says Wilson. Currently, she’s training for the Bali Hope Ultramarathon in Bali this September. Bali Hope is an organization raising money for Balinese youth to support and provide funds for education, career prep, and medical supplies. 


Kim earned her degree as a Direct Entry Midwife which taught her the depths of the human body. “Working with members, clients, and customers directly is a huge passion of mine mo matter what level of my career. I want to make sure their experience is delivered with integrity, understanding and support,” says Wilson. Kim’s prior career experience weaves together her understanding of the human body, exercise, and the complexities of working directly with our members. She says that one of the most important things is having empathy, understanding, and meeting people where they currently are in life. “We’re talking about people’s bodies, right? It doesn’t get much more intimate. My goal is to build a professional level of trust, because people are not only telling me their goals, but their insecurities, health issues, and the things they’ve overcome as well.” Her knowledge of female anatomy specifically lends to her strength in connecting with women: “Getting women to understand physically and mentally the endurance and strength we have and towing the line between creating a welcoming space and encouraging people to push beyond their comfort zone isn’t always easy. And, here at HCI Sports & Fitness, we are a community working together in support and encouragement.” 


As we look down the road at HCI Sports & Fitness, Kim is excited to continue helping our members find success with our Personal Training and AIM Training teams, watching the community grow, and continuing to build relationships with our members. “I want to get out into the facility, introduce myself, and take classes alongside members. I am here to help members achieve their goals and become successful in their fitness. Fitness will change your life. I’m not being sarcastic or kidding— it will change your life, mentally, physically and emotionally.” 

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