June Speed School Recap and Q&A

Last week, Athletes in Motion wrapped up their first Speed School Program of summer 2022. Speed School is a three-week program that teaches kids 7th grade and up the art of speed and the different mechanisms at work while moving fast, like speed mechanics, agility footwork, and change of direction dynamics. By the end of the program, the young athletes will understand speed better than they ever had before and be able to apply those lessons to their sport of choice.

We asked a few of the kids who participated in June’s Speed School a few questions about their experience with the program.

QUESTION ONE: What was your favorite activity you did during Speed School?

“My favorite activity was probably doing weights. I like doing a lot of the weight training and the pull down, so that was fun.”

“The agility training, the stepping and holding and like keeping like slowing down quickly.”

“Probably the weight training.”

“I liked the cable machines a lot— the Kaiser’s. I also liked the hurdles, too.”

QUESTION TWO: Is there anything you feel like you learned or improved on the most during the program?

“I would definitely think I improved on strength. Before, I think my form was a little sloppy and I was only able to lift like 27 pounds. Now, I can lift 60 pounds.”

“I think I got a lot better at quickly pivoting. And definitely better at turning.”

“Probably my form while running.”

“Making sure my sprinting form is proper, and my strength.”

QUESTION THREE: How do you think that the skills you learned will help you in your sport?

“I play soccer, so this will help me get in front of people and help me get the ball away faster during team sports.”

“I’m gonna be able to run faster and then quickly follow someone if they make a cut.”

“Whenever I need to stop, I can stop quicker.”

“I play soccer and I’m a midfielder, so I run around the most in those games. I need a lot of stamina and endurance— and speed too. And I’m gonna do track next year, so this will definitely help!”

Registration for the July Speed School Program is now open for members and non-members. The program will run from July 11th through the 28th; more information and the link to enroll can be found here.