Get to Know Our Instructors: Alli Halley

When and how did you get your start in fitness? What drew you to working in fitness?

I have been in sports and fitness my whole life. Tennis, gymnastics, soccer (through school) and then group fitness ever since then— starting with Jazzercise (let me age myself)!

What drew you to HCI? What were you doing before teaching at HCI?

I’ve been a member of HCI since it opened. I obtained my yoga certification a couple years after that and started teaching at HCI a little over a year ago. I worked for a small boutique fitness and wellness center before that called Lighthouse Wellness.

What was the first class you taught? What do you teach now?

I started at HCI teaching Sculpt Flow. I now teach Yin and sub a bunch of other formats (Beginner, Restorative, and Flow).

Have you learned any important lessons as an instructor?

Read the room. Teach and be there for EACH person in the class; you never know what someone is going through.

Any memorable moments in one of your classes?

We have lots of laughs in Yin and just try not to take things too seriously! I love injecting humor into classes.

What is your typical weekly fitness routine?

A variety of group fitness classes from Pilates to Spin to Yoga to Tabata to Lift! I LOVE the huge variety of classes and the different style that each teacher at HCI brings to his/her classes.

What are your fitness goals at the moment?

I turned 50 on June 2nd, so I’m just trying to be in the best physical and mental state I can be! I recently started doing some heavier lifting and getting outside of my comfort zone a bit!

What are your fitness goals for the future?

Continue to build strength and muscle— both in mind and body!