A Father’s Day Q&A

Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19th this year. All across the country people gather together to honor the men who guided them though life, regardless if they are related by blood or not. We sat down with trainer Jarren Begg to ask his perspective on fatherhood, kids, and fitness.


How many kids do you have and how old are they?

I have two kids: a ten-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter. Just two of them. They’re very opposite. My son is very introverted; he plays his games and stays to himself. My daughter plays with everybody, runs wild, and never comes inside.

What are some fun ways you and your kids stay active together?

We do the trampoline daily, probably 30, 45 minutes. My son loves to do walks around the neighborhood and I usually turn that into races, or I make it competitive. And so sometimes they will pull the scooters out. They also like to bike. And then we live at the pool.I don’t know if that’s fun or if it’s active though. It’s both.

Favorite fitness memory with your kids?

The things I really enjoy when watching them race is when they get a little competitive. Their mom is not competitive and I’m super, super competitive. So watching their head start close and seeing their little edge, and then they say, “Let’s go again! Let’s try again! Let’s do another!” I enjoy the competitive side and then watching them because they’re so close. Watching them try to see who can do a front flip first, things like that.

What is your favorite part about being a dad?

I didn’t have a dad in my life, so it’s been really important to me to do like— all of it. I love going to the dentist with them. I like going on chaperone field trips. I like when they have even strong emotions, even if it’s not a happy one and they are upset or having a moment. I like putting them to bed. I like the whole thing, you know. The whole thing is just really special to me experiencing it. To be a little on the funny side, especially now with social media and the like, my daughter has caught so many TikToks of me and said, “I’m gonna put a poll and vote how cringy my dad is.” And just like, everything I do is cringe. You kind of develop into a dad, right? The dad jokes come. I sneeze louder. I make sillier jokes, it just kind of naturally happens. I really just try to enjoy all the moments and experience all of it, all of the things.