Get to Know Our Instructors: Christi Jensen

When and how did you get your start in fitness? What drew you to working in fitness? 

I have always been inspired by exercise! I taught aerobics back in the 90s and found my love of cycling four years ago. I was hooked immediately; it was my release. I couldn’t get enough!

What drew you to HCI? What were you doing before teaching at HCI?

The HCI facility is one of a kind and I wanted to be an instructor here as soon as it was being built. If I can help inspire, motivate, and encourage other riders on their fitness journey through cycling, I am happy. Before HCI, I worked at another cycling studio in Lakeway. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to keep the doors open. I am forever grateful to them, as the owner saw my potential, believed in me, and sent me to get my group fitness cycling certification outside of Dallas. I am also employed as a dental hygienist three times a week and I also am a full time mom to one teenage boy.

What was the first class you taught? What do you teach now?

Rhythmic Spin was the first class I taught at HCI, followed by a beginner Spin class. I currently still teach Rhythmic Spin as well as Traditional Spin, Express Spin, and Spin Strong.

Have you learned any important lessons as an instructor?

Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Never give up. Not everyone is going to like you — and that’s okay! I put 100% into my spin routines and my playlist; after all, I am an Aries. I hope and try to reach everyone at least through my music, my energy, my teaching, or my technique that will leave them craving more.

Any memorable moments in one of your classes?

Each class is unique but when the energy and vibe is rockin’, that has to be the best. The riders help make that happen. I have met the most wonderful people, both members and riders, as well as our employees.

A white, blonde woman in front of a white sheet backdrop, holding her arms up at her side while carrying 2 green light weights. She is wearing tan and black leopard print leggings and a black hoodie that says The Studio and has the HCI Hex logo on it in white. What is your typical weekly fitness routine?

Spin, spin, and more spin. I also walk and run my dog Shilo most days and I concentrate on core strengthening by doing abdominal reps and planks most evenings.

What are your fitness goals at the moment?

I am trying to add more weight training into my workout regimen, and I want to get back into practicing yoga one time a week while focusing on the benefits of regularly stretching. I need to allow my body time to recover after exertion.

What are your fitness goals for the future?

My future fitness goals are to continue to exercise daily, get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, stay hydrated by drinking enough water, eating clean, and staying faithful to intermittent fasting. Everything in moderation. Don’t deprive your body, love it!