Our trainer and Studio instructor Jenny Worthington leading a barre class while wearing a neon pink tank top and black and pink leggings. She is leaning forward along with many other women who are holding onto large, light grey barre ribbons that are attached to the wall in the Studio room.

Celebrate International Dance Day in The Studio

Every April 29th marks International Dance Day. Established in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, the day honors not only the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet, but also acknowledges the beauty of all different styles of dance from around the world. HCI’s Studio has many dance-inspired classes coming up so you can appreciate the art of dance while working up a great sweat.


High Fitness is a brand new class available in Studio 3 that combines old school aerobics with a modern twist. You’ll follow simple choreography to energetic hit music from throughout the decades for a high-intensity, fun cardio workout. High Fitness is open to people of all fitness levels and is led by our instructor Lindsay Roberts every Monday at 8:15AM; check out the HCI app to sign up for a way to liven up your Monday morning with music and dance moves.

A brown haired woman wearing a pony tail, black and grey leopard print tank top, black leggings, and a black and white Nike shoes holding her right arm in front of her and her left arm behind her, doing a dance pose. She also has neon pink acrylic nails.


Cardio Dance fuses together Latin, belly, hip hop, and other dance styles from around the world for a thrilling, calorie-burning exercise that will get anyone pumped up. And it’s not just cardio— Cardio Dance also offers elements of muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility to keep up your gains from other workout sessions. Offered in both Studio 1 and Studio 3, there are numerous Cardio Dance classes available in the coming weeks to fit your schedule, as well as Cardio remiX classes set to high-tempo remixes of popular tunes. Check out the HCI app or the HCI website to book your spot in one of these exhilarating and informative classes!


A different pace from the classes mentioned above, our Studio 1 Barre classes are ballet-inspired workouts equipping a ballet bar and your own body weight to tone your muscles with little to no impact. You don’t need prior ballet experience to master barre, just follow the graceful dance-like moves and sculpt muscles that you wouldn’t usually target in your regular exercise. Sign up for upcoming Barre classes can be found in the HCI Member app as well as the Studio tab on the HCI website.


Back to high tempo, Rhythmic Spin is a high-intensity cycle class that merges cycling with choreography and weight training, all set to invigorating music to get your heart pumping. Push your legs to the limit and dance your heart out with a class of other fun-loving people. Don’t have time for a full class? Express Rhythmic Spin offers the same stimulating workout in a 30-minute timeframe to squeeze a burst of energy into your day. Both held in Studio 2, Rhythmic Spin and Express Rhythmic Spin require class goers to wear SPIN shoes, which are available for rental from HCI for two dollars. Sign up for a Rhythmic Spin class on the member app or the HCI website and put your pedals to the medal to some certified bops.

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