Woman in a grey Vivel Crepes and Coffee t-shirt serving savory wrapped crepes from a food warmer to a woman in a white baseball cap and teal tank top, under a tent at the HCI Community Fit Fest.

Coming Soon to HCI: A Taste of Vivel Crepes & Coffee

Vivel Crepes & Coffee is a local creperie that specializes in sweet and savory crepes, coffee, tea, and more. Originally located in Maui, Houston, and then Lakeway, HCI is the next lucky location to offer delicious European cuisine within our very own walls. Vivel Crepes & Coffee at HCI Sports & Fitness is projected to soft open at the end of April offering a smaller selection of their regular menu, and this is a quick taste of Vivel Crepes & Coffee to know just what to order when their new location finally arrives at HCI.


When most people think of crepes they imagine a plate of delicate, thin pancakes full of various fruits, spreads, and other decadent delights. If that’s what you’re hungry for, Vivel does not disappoint. There are eight different sweet crepes on the HCI menu to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth for a pre-workout breakfast or a post-workout dessert. For breakfast there is the Almondine crepe, stuffed with almond butter, toasted almonds, bananas, and honey; there is also The Morning Sunshine filled with brie cheese, fig jam, walnuts, and bananas. For something a little more indulgent, there are crepes inspired by classic sweets such as S’mores, Nutella, and Banana P, B, & J; as well as specialized crepes like the Framboise that has white chocolate, fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, and a house-made raspberry sauce.


However, sweet crepes are not all Vivel has to offer: there are four savory crepes on the menu to challenge your taste buds. The Fiorentina is an Italian-inspired vegetarian crepe folded together with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, ricotta, mozzarella, and a house-made mushroom pesto sauce. If you’re craving a little protein, the other three savory crepes are a world tour of flavors of either turkey, chicken, or beef, such as the Gyro Beef crepe filled with roasted tomatoes, sauteed onions, organic greens, and cucumber tzatziki.


Why not enjoy a cup of coffee with your crepe? Vivel serves house-made cappuccinos, lattes, cold brew, drip coffee, and other espresso drinks to wake you up. There are also several non-coffee beverages on their drinks menu like organic loose leaf hot teas and special Vivel tea lattes. For something refreshing, try one of their many fruit smoothies like The Green Machine and Maui Breeze.


Vivel’s menu goes beyond just crepes and coffee, they’ll also have breakfast dishes, salads, protein and superfood bowls, paninis, pasta, and more. Pick up an ommlette, avocado toast, or customize your very own fruit and granola bowl to get your day started off right. If you usually visit HCI later in the day, try out the Quinoa Salad, Smoked Salmon Panini, Bolognese Penne to refuel after a workout session.

Give both your taste buds and your muscles a workout and stop in when Vivel opens in HCI Sports & Fitness in early May!

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