Group of many people standing on yoga mats on an outdoor turf field. They are all wearing workout clothes like tank tops and leggins and are standing on one leg with their arms outstretched leaning to the left.

Training Through Rain and Shine at the HCI Community Fit Fest

HCI’s very first Community Fit Fest went off with a bang this past Saturday. The Bee Cave fitness community joined together in the cool early morning to exercise, eat, and enjoy one another’s company.

When the clock hit 9AM last Saturday, the weather was a bit rough; strong gusts of chilly wind and a light drizzle were not the weather we were hoping for on this spring morning. But this didn’t deter people from showing up— far from it. Members and non-members, young and old, small groups of friends and even entire families all showed up on Saturday morning to enter the raffle and check out our fest. Everyone was pumped up and ready to go as the HIIT workout kicked off; Amanda, Jarren, and Tami split the big group into three and pushed them to their limits with a variety of high intensity interval training exercises. Once everybody started lunging and lifting kettlebells across the turf the misty weather felt more refreshing than gloomy.

A man and two women wearing workout clothes doing lunges on an outdoor turf field.

Wiped out after an hour of action, fest goers left the lawn ready to relax and snack before yoga. Vivel served their savory harvest breakfast crepe and fresh coffee for all the guests to fuel up on as they chatted together in line. As people cooled down and finished their delicious crepes, many started checking out Athleta’s selection of cute leggings, shorts, and other gear in their pop-up shop tent. The Austin Spurs basketball team had a table offering everyone a chance to win either Austin Spurs floor tickets or San Antonio Spurs charter tickets, and those winners will be announced later this week. Others visited Dynamic Sports Medicine’s set-up to work out any stress built up in their muscles during the intense HIIT session on their two adjustment tables and chairs.

A woman wearing a Vivel Crepes and Coffee t-shirt serving crepes from a food warmer to three women in workout clothes under a tent.

The brief break flew by and Jenny arrived ready to chill everyone out with a bit of yoga. Rows and rows of mats lined the lawn as people stretched and contorted into yoga poses from downward dog to the difficult crow pose. The yoga class atmosphere was sublime as fest goers wound down from HIIT while still challenging their stamina and flexibility.

Vivel was ready to roll with trays of sweet crepes filled with nutella, bananas, and strawberries for all the hungry yogis after Jenny’s class ended. As people enjoyed their treats, we announced the winners to over a dozen prizes by drawing from our raffle spinner. Even the Austin Spurs mascot, Da Bull, stopped by to say hello and nearly took off with a few trays of sugary crepes from the Vivel table. The HCI Community Fit Fest was not just a successful work out session, it emphasized how important community is to everyone’s fitness journey. As festivities drew to a close, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds to welcome everyone to the rest of the warm spring weekend.

A woman, Jenny Worthington, wearing a blue tank top with a white hex logo for HCI Sports & Fitness. She has her arms outstretched in a T pose and is facing her left hand. There are many women behind her in the distance in workout clothes hitting the same position.

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